Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh its bad!

In an earlier post I told you that my creative space is a PIT!  Today my husband confirmed that my room is a pit.  I reminded him that I really want a room addition so I can be more organized.  He has started designing the custom shelves that will help with that organization.

But right now......its a pit!
These are all fabrics that have a designated projects.

I have small pieces of left over batting in the crate.  I'll use those pieces when I do the doggie beds for Heinz 57.  That is the no kill animal shelter located in De Soto.  In the bag I picked up 4 doggie blankies from Nancy today.  I have four made also.

And here is the inside of my closet.  Believe it or not I do know where everything long as I don't move anything!  Hope this makes you all feel better about your creative space.

I have a plan, and I'll share it soon.



  1. Deb-We've all been there, done that and bought the tee shirt! LOL As long as you can find what you're looking for, does it matter? Your room is just a sign of a creative mind!

  2. I agree, Melzee- a messy room is the sign of a creative mind! :) That's my story and I'm sticking to it! ;^)
    You will really use those shelves DH is planning for you! And baskets are the way to go! You can sort by fabric color or scrap sizes and then pull out the basket you need when you are doing a project. I'm a 'tub' person myself. I have lots of small tubs from shoe box size to boot box size filled with cut squares and strips. Now these pre-cuts are patiently waiting to be incorporated into a wonderful quilt project! :)

  3. Been there done that! working on getting organized myself. shelving will help. I have stuff in cardboard boxes with labels... but looking to purchase clear tubs so i can see what i have and hopefully be able to use it rather than buying more!