Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jean's DonationPart 2

In the last post I showed you the wonderful quilt top that Jean V pieced together for Iowa Comfort.

In addition to that quilt top, she did a little stash purging.... and donated that purged fabric to Iowa Comfort.

Now before you all remind me that I am not accepting fabric donations, remember to every rule there is an exception.  This fabric meet that exception.  It is quilt shop quality and larger cuts of at least one yard.  Besides they are my rules and subject to change on my whim and desire.  :-)

Lets take a look at what she sent us.

There were several cuts of star fabric in various colors.

And pastel yellow and pink heart fabric.

Then there was these cuts of polka dot fabric.  I would consider two of the fabrics bright, and one subtle.

We have car and truck fabric for a little boy.

Animal themed fabric, from bears to bunnies.

Here we have some eclectic fabric that will make great filler fabric with some of those other pieces.

These fabric pieces are number themed.  The top piece may be big enough to be the backing for the bottom panel.

A couple of more unique pieces.  I think I had the ABC fabric measured to be the backing of the middle panel of farm animals.

There are two of these soft ABC panels.

And then there is this cute panel also.  This one just makes me smile!  I was have tempted to use it as an up coming baby gift....but I was good and didn't do it.  When completed it will be donated just like every other donated top/ fabric/ panel I have received.

I am deep into preparations for the sister reunion.... so I haven't been doing a lot of quilting for Iowa Comfort.  I did managed last week to get my quilt for my own bed quilted, this week I am working on getting it bound and cleaning my house.

Next week I have a donation of pillowcases to show you.

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Awesome Donation

I am not sure what happened this post was scheduled to post on June 10th.  I have been busy and haven't checked the blog since.  So here is the post now and the next post won't be until the 24th to get me back on schedule.  (this post deserves the full week of viewing. :-) )

Jean V. is awesome!  She has donated many quilt tops over the last couple of years. Her quilt tops are always a pleasure to quilt.  They are pieced expertly, always pressed and ready to be loaded on the long arm.  (a longarmers dream client!)

A couple of weeks ago Jean stopped by the house with another quilt top for Iowa Comfort.  She was continuing to use up her Crayola fabric, that she vowed would not go back into her stash.

Lets take a look at the top she brought us:

 This quilt is large enough for a twin and maybe big enough for a double bed.

Jean used her crayola scraps and made four patches and then off set the four patches with the pretty butterfly fabric.

I love all the directional flow in this quilt.  You have the dark lines from the crayola colored fabric, the white patches and the butterfly fabric.

It is a wonderful quilt all the way around! I know it will put a smile on whoever's bed it ends up on over at the center.  LOVE IT!

Jean also brought a whole sack of fabric to donate.  Yes I know I am not accepting fabric donations right now....but with every rule is there is an exception and I invoked it.

I will show you the rest of the donation next week since I have several pictures to show you.

Just a heads up that my sisters are coming for a two week visit in July.  If you think you might need a top quilted, July is almost booked out.  I will not be doing any customer work or quilting for Iowa Comfort the last two weeks of July.

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It was that time again

Over the last month or so I have really been trying to organize my quilting areas....including the dog bed stuffing.  

I have sisters coming for a couple weeks in mid July, and I really need to have a handle on all my stuff!  (Little do they know that by the time they leave for home they are all going to be experts at ironing, cutting and folding fabric......insert evil giggle)

My normal routine is that I stack up the donations until I fill the space and then make a delivery run.

Well as you can see the doggy beds needed to be delivered to AHeintz57 dog rescue.  I could not get one more bed on that pile.  I do have to pile them up like that...otherwise they go to the rescue with dog hair already on them.  Hawkeye thinks he needs to quality test each and everyone of them.

A couple of days after I delivered them.  I saw a picture of one of their dogs on their facebook page.  He was laying on that bottom bed.  I remember when I made that one that I was shaking my head at myself....wondering why I made it so darn big and heavy.  And now I know, it was meant for that particular dog.... any smaller and it would not have worked for him.  Love it when it all works out!

See that pac n play in the picture?  That is where I normally store the finished quilts prior to deliveries.  It was full!  I needed to get the quilts delivered so Owen could have his bed when he visited this past weekend.

I delivered 10 quilts and 5 pillowcases to the center on the 19th of May. They were very appreciative of the quilts, and loved the fact that at least two of the hope quilts were little boy themed.  I should have the 2014 gallery updated by the time this posts.  Quilts 137- 146 were all delivered.

Here is a look at the pillowcases that were donated.  Jana, the director of the center, loved that this months donations came in a set.  They come in very handy for their family quarters.

We spoke briefly about their need for pillowcases and she said the need is still there for them.  When a client leaves they take their pillow and pillowcase with them.

I am going to spend some time cutting more kits, so if there is anyone who would like to work on them let me know.

Thank you to the two people who donated the pillowcases.  Thank you also to everyone who has been cutting and saving those scraps for doggy beds.

Special thanks to Kathy B., she volunteered her time and longarm to quilt the blue quilt from last weeks post.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.