Monday, October 31, 2011

Crisis Intervention & Advocacy Center

My goal with this project is to take the left over scraps from other quilt projects and make quilts of comfort, and try to keep the quilts within the local community.  I was fortunate enough to find a local organization that has a true need for these quilts.

Crisis Intervention & Advocacy Center is a local center providing essential services for victims of domestic and sexual violence and homelessness.  All of their services are free, voluntary, confidential and available to all without discrimination.  The center has two housing facilities for a total of 20 twin size beds, and several full and queen size beds.

As residents transition from the center to long term housing, the center helps provide the necessities needed to set up housekeeping.  So there will always be a need for the quilts.

I recently had a customer bring me a sack of scraps to use for this project….take a look at her generosity.

I have already cut two kits from this fabric, and identified several pieces large enough to be backing material.  I’m pretty sure that if I find the right pattern I will be able to cut at least 2 more twin size quilts.

Until my next post........

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Started working on some blocks

I have started working on my blue drawer.  Actually that drawer holds left over pieces of fabric from other quilting projects in the blue/ green color family.  My memory is beginning to fail......because I don't remember ever buying some of this fabric.  No worries though, I'm starting with a simple 9 patch for this quilt.  The blocks will be 9 inch finished in blue and white.  The corners and center of the 9 patch will be blue, white will fill in the rest of the block.  I'm sure that all of the different hue's of blues will make it a very pretty quilt when it is finished.  I think I am going to need 41 blocks to make a twin size quilt, with 40 offset white blocks.  Well at least that is what the math tells me right now,  we will see when I get it all layed out if the math was right.

Quilt #2 will be in purples.  The pattern that I found for it is called Lasagna by Terry Atkinson.  It will be a very quick quilt!  It is just 4 inch strips of fabric sewed together in varying lengths.  Think of the jelly roll races except you sew them together and chop at 54 inches.  I recently had a customer bring this quilt to finish for her.  I studied it for a REALLY LONG time trying to figure out the pattern.  Silly me the upside to this pattern is that there really isn't one, just cut fabric and sew.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Donation fabric

I had a customer call me yesterday and ask if there was any way I could quilt a lap size quilt for her before Nov. 1.  She told me that it was going to be auctioned off, for a local abuse shelter.  After hearing about what the quilt was going to be used for I told her that I would quilt it for her next week, and that I would donate my quilting services.  She immediately thanked me and quickly told me that she was willing to pay for my services.  I responded that I fully supported the work of the organization, and that I hoped to be making quilts from scrap fabric for a similiar organization close to my home.  The customer loved the idea, and has offered to bring some of her scrap fabric to help the cause.

I originally thought I would be making lap size quilts, and I will.  But the true need is for twin size to queen size quilts.  I need to get back to the drawing board and find patterns that will go together quickly and lend themselves to the scrappy look. 

Anyone know of any?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Found a home for our quilts

I just finished talking with a local organization that has a real need for quilts.  They are needed for warmth and comfort, and just to lift the spirit of those that are need of services. 

I am so excited to know that even if these quilts are scrappy they will go to individuals that will truly appreciate and value the time and effort put in to making them. 

The need is great, and several sizes of quilts will be needed. 

I can hardly wait to get started on a new project for them.  I'm hoping that I can organize a community sew day, and that we can get several tops completed in a day.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Time to cut fabric

Well today I started looking at free patterns.  I looked on line and found several that I think I can modify to lap size.  So tonight I am going through my scraps to see what I can kit up,  That way I will be ready to start sewing after I get my four commitments completed.  I have three  queens and a wall hanging to complete prior to starting on my charity quilts.  Good news is that there is a progress on that front.

In the mean time I have volunteered to quilt 2 quilts for a friend in northern Iowa.  She organizes community sew days  three or four times a year.  I'll throw them on the longarm and get them quilted next week for her.

There is also a group of woman who have been making baby quilts for the local hospitals. That I have extended my longarm services to. 

Sew (pun intended) I can start working on my project of charity quilts even if I am not quite ready to start sewing the tops. :-)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

About me

I am a retired Postmaster that loves to quilt.  I developed the habit just before my granddaughter Lexi was born.....geesh she will be 10 in a couple of months.  I think I have probably made over 75 quilts in those 10 years.  And when I was working for the Postal Service, quilting was my therapy.  If I got stressed out I would play with fabric for stress relief.

Recently I asked my dear husband to make another quilt ladder for me.  He asked why?  It really was a valid question considering that I have two built in quilt racks that hold 6 to 9 quilts, a quilt ladder and 4 quilt hangers on the walls.  I told him that I had ran out of room for storing my quilts.  His response is that it might be time to find new homes for them. And I will, I just have to find the right home for each of them.  You know when someone comes in and see's the quilt and their eyes light up.  That is when I know that the quilt will be loved, and more times than not I'll take it down and hand it to the person.....okay reality check, only if I really like the person and I am feeling generous that day. LOL

In addition to all of my quilts, I have TONS of scraps.  I learned really early that I did not follow directions well, and after a couple of times of not being able to find additional fabric, I ALWAYS buy more fabric than the pattern calls for.  Now I have 10 years of scraps.  I think they need to find homes too.  So Iowa Comfort was conceived.

I have donated many quilts for charities that end up going out of state.  I want to start a group that quilts with scraps for Iowa charities.  Not just kids, but wherever there is a need for warmth or comfort.

So my goal next year is to make 12 lap size quilts for Iowa charities from my scraps.  Is there anyone who would like to join me?