Friday, March 2, 2012

Camera malfunction

Today I was going to show you what was in the box of goodies that I received from my friend Diane Larson.  But my camera is not cooperating! Can you say technology challenged?

So instead I will tell you about her generosity.  I met Diane in cyberspace she is part of the "Iowa Quilters" group that I belong to.  The website is sponsored by Connecting Threads.  Even though the name of the group is "Iowa Quilters" the group welcomes all.

One day I get a message from Diane telling me that she has gone through her closet and found a couple of quilt tops that she knew she will never finish and asked if I could use them for Iowa Comfort. Diane also asked if they needed to be a certain size.  I told here that I was sure the center would make good use of any donation....that if one was smaller one of the little people could use it as a binky.  Any that are close to bed size will decorate and brighten someones spirits.  So she told me that she would put the quilts into the mail to me.

I received that box last week and when I opened it up I found not two quilt tops as I expected, not even three or four....but we are getting close....there were SIX tops of various sizes in that box.  A couple of little people quilts and the rest will probably make it on to beds.

SO VERY GENEROUS!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I hope that the camera and I can work out our differences soon so I can get picks up soon.

I have another story to tell about another Iowa quilter....but that can wait for another post.

Until my next post.....

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