Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The rest of Diane & Lois's donation

On Saturday I showed you the first couple of tubs that Diane and her mother donated to Iowa Comfort. Here is a picture of that donation just as a refresher:

In that middle tub ( the grey one with the green lid) there was some fabric, but mostly it was chunks of batting that can be used in either the hope quilts or our doggy mats.

Then there was the blue tub to go thru.  I worked on it Sunday as I was quilting a customer quilt.  Here is what I ended up with out of that tub.

Now that is the same stack of fabric, just from different angles.  Count them....yes that is an additional 14 bolts of fabric.  Most of those bolts have a minimum of 3 yards of fabric on them.  So lets just call it another 42+ yards of fabric. 

Much of this fabric will be used for backing material for the hope quilts.  Since we have 35 of the hope quilts kitted already,  I will be busy piecing backings together for them later this month and early next year.

Thank you again Diane and Lois for the donation.  I will put all of the fabric to good use.

PS.  I really am out of room now, so please either hold on to any future donations, or donate to another charity that can use the fabric.  Thanks so much for being so generous and awesome!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lucy you have some xplainin to do!

Earlier this week I heard that very phrase from my husband. 

It went something like this.

"Honey I'm starting to cook lunch." 

"Okay, but I have a lady coming over from Adel with a fabric 

Hubby says' " I thought you got the word out that you don't have any room right now to store more fabric?" 

Me " But the lady didn't get the news and she already had it loaded and was at the quilt shop... so I told the shop to send her on over."

A little while later up drives Dianne Melendez in her SUV.  I walk out to greet her and realize that I might have a little problem.

Diane's mother Lois Schmid was in the middle of a move, and they took the opportunity to reduce Diane's and Lois' stash.  The back of her SUV was full!  

I quickly decided that since it was a nice day, we would just unload the car on the bench out back, and I would bring it all in after I ate my lunch....and when my husband was back downstairs. Which is exactly what I did!  Take a look...

I brought it all in and stacked it up in my computer room...hubby rarely comes in there. Those two bottom tubs are 77 gallon tubs, the top one was a 55 gallon tub, and a large sack of fabric.  And you know, I no more got it all stacked and my dear hubby came into my room.  He took one look at the stack and said "Lucy you have some xplainin to do!"  We both cracked up and he said "Seriously where are you going to put it all?"

Yesterday while in the quilt room, I tackled the top two tubs.

 There were lots of flannel pieces.

Check out all of the butterfly fabrics.

And all of these floral fabrics.

And then there is this.  If there was more than 2 yards of the fabric, it went on a bolt.  There are 26 bolts there... for a minimum of 52 yards of fabric.  I still have that bottom tub to dive into, so make sure to come back on Tuesday to see what was in that bottom tub.

A big THANK YOU to Diane and Lois for sharing their fabric with Iowa Comfort.  I know a lot of this fabric will be used to piece together backs for the Hope Quilts.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Donation from Jacque

I just have to give a great big THANK YOU to Jacque Johnson, owner of Adel Quilting and Dry Goods.  

Without her I would be hard pressed to be able to accomplish the things that we are doing for Iowa Comfort.  She allows her shop to be a drop off for fabric donations when I am in need of them, and has donated fabric to Iowa Comfort.  She promo's Iowa Comfort events on her blog.  She sends customers my way for quilting.  Those customer quilts are the funding for Iowa Comfort, that is how the batting and backing get purchased. And as if that wasn't enough support she has also donated this quilt.

The quilt was made from strips that had been collected at a previous retreat.   Jacque put flannel on the back of it and quilted up.  Such a warm and cozy quilt that will makes someones year!  So pretty!  I think the pattern is available at the shop.

And then there is this:

Jaqcue collected 10 inch squares at her retreat in fall colors.  Then donated those squares to Iowa Comfort.  Last night after coming home from Circle of Friends I started sorting these blocks into like colors. The first pattern I thought of when I saw these blocks was a star...I see some time with EQ7 in my future.

Thank you again Jacque for all of your generosity.  Thanks also to everyone who donated the 10 inch squares of fabric.

I would like to wish everyone a safe and joyous Thanksgiving.  Hope you come back for Saturdays post.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


I am running behind schedule this morning, so this is going to be a quick post. I forgot that I was suppose to be in Adel this morning for our last meeting of Prairie Woman's Sewing Group.  Hard to believe that it has been six months already.

Back to today's post.  Today I want to show you a donation quilt from Pat Dorman.

The quilt is completely finished, so it will be donated before the end of the year. All I need to do is get a label on it and measure it.  Depending on the size it will either go to Crisis and Advocacy Center or Dallas/Madison Co. DHS.

Are you wondering about the title of the post?  Well the quilt pattern is called "Yummy" by Jaybird Quilts. I think it is a wonderful quilt.... I am also thinking about how my green and blue bins are overflowing with fabric.  I could see this quilt being made many more times in a future sew day.

Pat did a wonderful job piecing and quilting this quilt.  When she quilted it she cross hatched the quilt... and she did a great job! (much better than I could have)

Thank you for your generosity Pat! Some lucky person is going to love it, I just know it!

Make sure to come back Tuesday to see another donation.  

Have a great weekend!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sue Denny part 2

Today I am going to show you the rest of Sue's donation.  There are still three boxes to share with you.  Here are the content of two of those boxes.

 Above there are some large pieces of white fabric, sit either pink or blue little flowers on them.  There is also a bag of smaller pieces that can be cut down to be used in a 9 patch quilt I have on the design wall.
 There were several pieces of kids novelty prints.  A large piece of batik fabric, with coordinating bright fabric to use with it.  And see that fabric in the top row 4th from the right?  It is the PERFECT fabric to bind a comfort quilt that I just finished on the long arm.  LOVE IT!
 A whole jumbo bag (2.5 gallon) of sewing/quilting themed fabric.
 Also a jumbo bag of child fabric.  We have Winnie, Thomas, Humpty Dumpty, Elmo and Hello Kitty in there.
This is the last of the fabric from these two boxes....mostly in the blue family. 

And then there is the last box that I opened.

I did not have a space large enough in my house to lay it out flat! This is a queen/king quilt top.  I recognize the pattern it is called Radiant.  And remember that bag of sewing themed fabric from above? Take a look.
All of the fabric in the top is sewing themed.... spools of thread, scissors, buttons and more!

This quilt top even came with a back....
 Above is a picture of the pieced back, and below is a close up of some of the different fabrics that are in the pieced back.

Now isn't that just adorable and SMART!  I have recently gone to piecing backs together for several of the hope quilts.  As of yet I have not gotten this creative.... but I think I see it in my near future.

THANK YOU SUE for your wonderful donation!

I have a few more donations to show you in upcoming posts, and some pictures of deliveries made.  So don't forget to come back and visit the blog.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Just like Christmas

Remember this picture?
 I was able to play with this donation this week!  All of this was donated by Sue Denny.  And it is going to take two posts to show you all of the things that are neatly folded in those boxes.

I have no idea how long it took Sue to compile the donation, I do know that it took me several days to sort and put away.  Which brings me to a very important message......

I have reached my storage capacity for fabric donations for the time being. I have taken over all three of the rooms that use to be bedrooms, and there isn't a closet or crevice that is not full of fabric.  So fabric donations are on hold right now.  That being said, should you find yourself finding a quilt top that you no longer care for and wish to donate... I have a separate area for those.  And of course anyone who wants to donate a finished quilt we will gladly accept also.   Now back to what Sue sent us.

The first box I opened had reds, pinks and greens in them with a smattering of other stuff in it.  
The next box had a little bit of child novelty prints in it, but was mostly floral. As I take another look at this picture, I see some sashing material for another donation I will be showing you soon.  LOVE it when it works out that way!
This was the contents of the third box from Sue.  Several solids, a couple of florals and right there in the second row is several large cuts of purple, blue, red, pink and black gingham...... I am going to have so much fun with that fabric!

I will show you the rest of the fabric in those boxes on my next post!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pic's from Saturday

This past Saturday was the community sew day.  Six of us got together and had a day of sewing and fellowship.

The day started late because I was unable to get the lights to come on.  Luckily for the group Carol is a maintenance manager and realized the breaker box I was looking at wasn't the correct one.  Carol to the rescue.... and there was light!

Once we had light (and coffee) we were able to get started on the kits.  I was bad.... I had previously skimmed  the instructions....and was pretty sure I knew what to do. HA!  We will just say my version of the quilt top was less like Bonnie Hunters pattern, and more like chevrons..but it is all good.

I was really busy sewing on Saturday so I did not get a lot of pictures....oh I will be honest.  I worked hard to get the pictures that I did get because NO ONE wanted their picture taken. (Can't say that I blame them....there is a reason I am always behind the camera).
Here is Carol, getting ready to put a border on the quilt.... or was she just hiding.  You decide.
I managed to get this picture of Kathy while she was measuring her outer border.
Nancy didn't see that I had the camera out when she was at the ironing table.
Joyce figured that she might as well give in...so she flashed that beautiful smile for me.

Penny did manage to avoid the camera....as did I.

Margaret and Jan knew that they were not going to be able to make it to the sew day, but they asked for a kit and made one up earlier.

We ended up with 12 of the kits being completed.  I will work on quilting the tops after the first of the year.

Thank you to everyone who came to help out or took a kit home.  I really appreciate your help and support!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Today is the day

Yes today is the day of our last community sew day of the year at the Adel Library.

I spent yesterday baking cookies and loading my car.  I was exhausted by 2:00 pm!  Many trips up and down stairs, and many trips to the car.  I'll be heading out soon, and I so hope that I haven't forgotten to pack something... 

Which brings me to what you need to make sure to bring.  Bring yourself (that is of course the most important thing) a sewing machine, seam ripper and an extension cord.

Jacque has retreat going on this weekend, so the supplies she graciously allows us to borrow at the library are with her at retreat.

I have 30 + child size quilts precut for us to start on, thanks to my good friends at Circle of Friends.  I am also bringing along larger cuts of fabric to be made into backing for these quilt tops.  These backings may end up being unique but I think that is okay.  I feel that it is more important to get the quilts completed, than to have the backing be matchy matchy.

Just like last time I will have coffee available all day...and just like last time someone else will have to make it....cuz when I make it it looks and taste like MUD!  I'll also have blueberry muffins in the morning session and chocolate chip cookies in the afternoon session.

This time there are two sessions 9:00 - 12:00 or 1:00 to 4:00 come for one or both, choice is yours.

There has been a lot going on this last month....and I have a ton of pictures to show you in future posts.  But before I head out I want to show you a donation from Sue.
Yes I count SIX boxes of goodies from her.  We will be exploring what is in those boxes over a couple of posts in November.  It feels like Christmas to me...and just like a child I can hardly wait to dig into the boxes and see the wonderful gifts!

Hope to see you in a little while!  

Everyone have a great weekend.