Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Again my rules....

So I broke them.  This time the rule that I broke had to do with fabric donation.  

I am currently overwhelmed by my lack of fabric management!  I am not accepting fabric donations at this time.  But with every rule there is an exception...and this donation meet the criteria for the exception.

The donation came from my friend Jan M.. She did a little cleaning in her sewing room and found some fabric that she was sure she would not use.  

Now I know that Jan only purchases quilt shop quality fabric... and usually purchases large quantities when she does.  Add to those facts that this fabric was already on mini bolts, which means I don't have any work involved with the donation,  how could I say no? I would have had to have been insane.

Here is what the donation looked like when it arrived;

When I finally decided that I really needed to be able to find my quilt room floor again.  I took this box and did this with it.

From the box, to the shelf.  Easy peasy.  I can see the colors, I can tell about how much fabric is on the bolt.  I see several backings for Hope quilts in there.  

At some point I will get all my colors on the same shelves....but that day isn't today.  Today I am just satisfied to have the box off the floor.  And extremely grateful that Jan thought of Iowa Comfort!

Have a good week everyone!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

okay so I lied.

What is the old saying?  God laughs when you make plans...

I told you on my last post that would be the final quilt of 2014 to be donated.  That was the plan.

Plans do get changed though, and so did mine.

I received a call from Colleen T.  Through the grapevine she had heard of a family that could use some assistance during the Christmas season.  They had actually made on to an organizations list, and the family had created a wish list.

The family is a single mother with 4 children.  Two boys and two girls.  This particular family also happens to be a family that sought refugee status here in the United States.  Limited communication skills were available.... but given what they were asking for it was obvious that there was a need.

The family asked for used beds, the mother wanted to get her children up off the floor.  The only other thing I remember on the list was A LAMP.  Not toys, not electronics not even food or clothes.  The mother just didn't want her children to have to continue to sleep on the floor.

Colleen asked if by chance I had any quilts that I could donate.  The group that was trying to assist this family were going to not only try to supply at least 3 double beds.... but also the bedding for them.

This family is in Polk county, and our donations usually stay local.... but I will just say it, they are my rules and I decided to break them.

My quilting machine had been in service for a little while. But I got it back in time to quilt up this top that was donated by Jean V.

Colleen put the binding on from her stash.  She tells me that this quilt will be on an eleven year old girls bed.  It sounds as though there will be a bed for each of the family, and they won't have to share.

Jean I just want to thank you for the beautiful quilt top.  I had felt bad that I hadn't gotten it quilted yet.  I now realize that it always had a home... I just didn't know where it was yet.

Colleen thank you for binding the top, and all the time you took to help this family.

I am glad that we were able to supply a little bit of comfort to this family.  

I hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful Christmas.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The last quilt of 2014

Here is the last quilt of 2014.

One of the ladies from the Adel Christian Church pieced this top for us.  I quilted it and also managed to get it bound.

It has already been donated.  One of the staff members at the center thought that this little quilt would be given as a Christmas gift this season.

I know this post is short and sweet....but I have Christmas and birthday presents to wrap.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


This quilt top was donated by Jean V.  Much earlier in the year.  I love Jeans quilts!  They are always bed size and so cute.  I have at least one more of her quilt tops to get quilted...maybe two.  She is such a supporter of  Iowa Comfort and I so appreciate her time and talents.

Speaking of time and talents.... Nancy H took this quilt home after I quilted it and bound it for me.  She is also one of my volunteers that I so appreciate, always willing to help anyway she can.  She has even volunteered to help me get caught up on getting our hope quilts quilted.  I will be sending her two of them to quilt for us.  

Nancy has a long arm and these will be great practice quilts for her to play on. I call that a win, win, win situation.  Nancy gets to practice, I get two more tops moved off the to do list, and the center has two more finished products to pass out.

Right this minute I am sitting on standby..... you see that part below.

It actually holds my bobbin case and hook in place on my longarm.  It is suppose to be straight. 

So even though APQS is booked tight for service the next 6 weeks. They recognized that this was a problem that I could not fix myself and allowed me to bring Lenni up for service this morning.  

I hope to get her back tomorrow.  I have 4 customer quilts to get finished, and then I can start working on that pile of tops for next years quilts.

More show n tell next week!  I promise to have a post up the next couple of weeks. (I can make that promise because I am going to draft them tonight)

Have a great week everyone!