Sunday, March 18, 2012

spring cleaning on the horizon

Earlier this week I showed you how my room had become a disaster. 

My dear husband was aware that it was a mess....and as long as I kept my door shut he could live with it.

Being the wonderful man that he is, he started thinking about the design for my new shelving unit. Unfortunately that meant that he had to spend time measuring in my room, and I had forgotten to shut the closet door!

Terry left my room and started clearing out a closet that we use mainly for storage in another room.  I keep my batting in that closet but I don't use all of the space for now I can keep 6 more baskets of fabric in that closet.(just need to buy the baskets)  He told me that when I get it filled he will clean out some cabinets downstairs and I can have that space also.

I feel a spring cleaning come on fast........ Which means I need to get the scraps under control!

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