Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wanted to share

So I thought I would share some of the donations that I have received over the last week.

This fabric was donated by Jan Mueller, she thought it would make good backing material.  I think it might find its way into a quilt top also. Reminds me of crystal blue water that you might snorkel in.... must be thinking about vacations. LOL

I have always loved this fabric.  It was donated by Adel Quilting and Dry Goods.  Part of the backing that they have donated for our quilts.  They also donated the next two fabrics for backing material.

I have some child themed pieces that I think the green will go very well with, and the bottom fabric is probably going to be the backing for our brown project.  Speaking of the brown project....

Here is a sampling of the 35, 10 inch squares that have been donated.  Only seven more to go and this kit will be complete. 

Just wanted to thank everyone for their help, support and donations.

I have news on the first community sew day also.....but will post that later this week.

Until next time......

Monday, November 21, 2011

More brown fabric in the mail and some cream and rose fabric also....

Sorry folks didn't realize that it had been a week since I posted.  So much to catch up on.

I have received 31, brown 10 inch squares, in the mail thus far.  So we are just about 3/4 of the way on completing the brown quilt.  These squares have come from central Iowa, Ohio and Missouri.

The gal from Missouri told me that she didn't have a lot of brown fabric, so she started the next quilt with 20 squares of cream & rose  colored squares.  So that quilt is also about 1/2 complete at this point.

Makes my heart warm to see the generosity not only from central Iowa, but from around the United States.

Side note, for a while I had some one in Russia reading my blog.....that blew me away!  IF I get fabric from Russia I will really be blown away!

I attend a group called Prairie  Women's Sewing Group in Adel, hosted by Adel Quilting and Dry Goods, this last Saturday. I was delivering a finished quilt to a customer in the group.  Somehow we managed to start talking about this project.  She told me that she had 20 years worth of scraps that she had never had the heart to throw away.  Asked if she could donate it to the cause......I said YEP!  She lives up around Webster City, but told me that she would gather it all together and make the trip back down to Adel after Thanksgiving.

Shortly after that the lady setting to the right of me shared that her woman's group had already made some lap size and children's quilts for the local Crisis Center.  She explained that the group wasn't able to make anything larger, because they were unable to get them quilted.  I told her that if her group wanted to make the tops I would quilt them as long as they were going to the Crisis Center.  I love it when things come together.

I'm going to try to post pic's of the fabric squares that I have been receiving, probably won't be until after Thanksgiving.

Until I post again......thank you for all of your support!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Brown fabric in the mail

It is a good thing that I am a former Postmaster and helped many of my fellow Postmasters.  I have started receiving brown squares of fabric in the mail. I did tell my Postmaster that I would get a separate box for Iowa Comfort if I started overflowing my personal box.  She just laughed at me and said "I thought you were retired?"  I responded "I am and I am having so much fun!"

So far I have received 10, 10 inch squares of fabric.  Some of it from as far away as Ohio.  With a note that said Ohio cares also.  :-)

I had someone ask if I was looking for pieced blocks or just a piece of brown fabric.  A 10 inch piece of medium to dark brown fabric is what I am looking for. 

Another follower was wondering if she could send several of the same fabric.  That is perfectly okay also.  Last week I cut a kit like this in blue and I have as many as 6 squares of the same fabric in it.

To make a twin size quilt, we are in need of 42 of the brown squares, so I guess we are a fourth of the way there.

I want to thank everyone who has sent squares for your help with this project.  I will make sure to post a picture of the completed quilt.

Until my next post......stay well!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More generosity!

I love the response from our local community.  Adel Quilting and Dry Goods, my favorite quilt shop, has not only agreed to be a drop off site for scrap fabric but.......HAS DONATED BACKING MATERIAL for many of our first quilts.  How cool is that!

As of right now we have 4 twin size quilts kitted for our community sew day, which should be early January.  I'll have the exact day later this week.  Once we get the tops together I will get them quilted on the longarm and finished up.  I may have to have a friend at Quilt Circle show me how to do machine binding. LOL

I have had one follower suggest that once a month we put a call out for a 10 inch square in a certain color family.  She said that would be really easy to do, and simple to mail.  So I thought I would try it.  I've been watching the harvest the last several weeks and I have a vision of a brown quilt sashed in cream.  So if you have a 10 inch block of medium to dark brown fabric that you would like to donate to this project please do.  You can drop them off any of the drop sites listed above or mail them to:
Iowa Comfort
PO BOX 615
De Soto IA 50069

Until my next post.......thank you all for your support

Saturday, November 5, 2011

With friends like these

Yesterday I had a friend from my quilting circle bring me a quilt that she would like to have quilted.  We started talking about Iowa Comfort, and I attempted to show her some fabric.  Lets just say that I need to figure out a new system for storing fabric.  Once I found the fabric I was looking for, I asked Penny if she thought just large squares, sashed in a coordinating fabric would be the best use of the fabric.  She thought it would be ANDDDDD  she took the fabric home with her to kit it.

Also yesterday my Mom was out and about closing a mortgage in Ankeny.  The home had many quilts on display, so mom struck up a conversation about quilting with the woman.  Long story short, this woman is going to see if she can round up some scraps from her circle of friends for the cause.

And last but certainly not least, I spoke with my youngest son yesterday afternoon.  One of his coworkers also quilt.  In conversation he mentioned the project, his coworker was headed for a retreat I believe (just my guess from my son's description)  long story short she thought she might be able to talk to her group about supporting Iowa Comfort.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Answer to your question

I have heard from several of you.  You have asked how you can help.  I LOVE that you would like to help in this community project.....and believe me I want your help!

That being said I am also mindful that the holidays are fast approaching.  So I think I will set up our first community sew day for just after the first of the year.  Until then, I will continue to cut fabric so we will have things to sew that day.  Right now I have three twin size quilts ready to be sewn together.  Once the tops are completed I will bring them home and get them quilted and finished up for donation.

I envision the community sew days, with volunteers working in groups to complete a kit, we will need quilters, but I want everyone to feel like they can help.  Sew (pun intended there) if you don't sew but want to help, come on out and I'll put you to work ironing fabric or cutting fabric for another kit.

Another way you can help right now is by donating fabric....I'm not asking for you to go out and buy fabric.....I'm not even asking for your stash.....I'm thinking  of our your scraps from other quilting projects.  Those little chunks of fabric that was just big enough you couldn't throw it away......but not big enough that you know what to do with it.  Currently you can drop off fabric for donation at Adel Quilting and Dry Goods, and at the Perry Library (ask for Mary).  I hope to have a couple more drop offs in the near future.  Or of course you can email me and I will be glad to arrange for a pick up in the event of a large donation......see picture in previous post. :-)  You can email me at iowacomfort@hotmail.com, or just leave a comment here.

Until my next post.....