Hope Quilts

The "Hope Quilts" will be specifically designated to go to local law enforcement and the Department of Human Services to give to a child that is being removed from the home or otherwise in need of a quilt.  These quilts are meant to be comfort for a child in crisis that is probably very scared.

So here are the guidelines for these quilts.


Minimum size we are looking for is 40 X 40
Largest size would be  60 X 60
Anything in between the min. & max. will be fine

These quilts should be bright, and cheerful.  So if you are making a top from your stash please remember the audience.

Although not a requirement, it would also be nice if we could have a coordinating pillow case to go with the quilt.

My hope is that I can get a small toy that we can place in the pillow case , thus giving the child a quilt and a toy to play with.

If you have other suggestions let me know.