Saturday, March 30, 2013


I stopped by the DMV earlier this week to chat with Jackie and Nancy.  Actually I need an opinion on a project that I was working on, and Nancy had a couple of things for me also.

At the community sew day Celia and Margaret were busy all day kitting pillowcases for us. Here she is working so hard.

I had a huge tub of fabric that I just let them dig around in and try to come up with a color combination that would work for a pillowcase.  

Last year we donated over 100 pillowcases to the center.  They had been using the same pillowcases for the last 20 years.  

When a person comes to the center they all receive a new pillow, and with the donations that were spear headed by Adel Quilting and Dry Goods last year everyone also received a new pillowcase.

I am not sure how many they still have, but I would love to see them continue the I have set a goal of 75 pillowcases again this year for them.

Nancy took four of the kits home with her from the sew day, check out what a good job our ladies that kit the pillowcases and Nancy did.

They did a great job kitting them, believe me when I tell you there was a reason I wasn't doing it.  Way to much fabric, and my mind just would not come up with pleasant fabric combo's.  But these are GREAT, and Nancy did a wonderful job sewing them up also!

I know I have other's that were sewn that day, that still haven't been unpacked..(she hangs her head in shame!) that is first on the agenda next week.

Nancy's Mom also sent us another little afghan, it is so soft and cuddly! I know that they are given to young mothers that need a little extra help.

I can just see a newborn cuddling in this soft warm blankie!

I have a busy week next week with the longarm, but I am going to try to get at least one twin done for Iowa Comfort also.

If you would like to help out with the pillow cases, we will gladly appreciate any donation...we do ask that they be new either store bought or made by you.  You can mail them to:

Iowa Comfort
Po BOX 615
De Soto IA 50069

Or you can drop them off at Adel Quilting and Dry Goods.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!  Once again thank you to everyone that helps support Iowa Comfort.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More Goodies this week!

Ah to be back to a schedule!  It really is nice.  As you know last week I took Lenni in for her spa treatment....and she is running ah so perfectly!

On Saturday I had two customer quilts come in to quilt.  Much to my surprise and delight a donation quilt came in to Iowa Comfort from the same quilter.

Judy B. put this little quilt together from a strip club that she was in.  I recognize several of those fabrics, and the design of the quilt....pretty sure that this is one of Adel Quilting and Dry Goods projects.  

(Oppss forgot to rotate it.)  I love the bright colors that just POP in this quilt.  It amazes me how a little color can change the whole feel of a black and white quilt.  This quilt is simply adorable, and will make someone very happy when they receive it.

In addition to the quilt above Judy sent me some yardage of fabric.

Pretty batiks, and a bright and bold fun print.  Also that green feathery fabric, and that two toned blue.  I know that I have enough yardage to make at least a couple of backings for the hope quilts.  Those batiks will make their way into a quilt top I am sure.

As my online friends might say...."These fabrics are just lickable!"

Judy thank you so much for sharing with Iowa Comfort!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


I am just getting back into the swing of things after my whirlwind vacation with west coast family!  Just beginning to get my schedule back into order.

Thursday was Lenni's spa treatment day in Carroll.  I had held off doing any more customer quilts until I could get her in... her stitches were just a tad wobbly every once in a while.  She needed a MAJOR spa treatment.  Her hook needed replaced, along with all of her pigtails and she needed a new needle bar this time.  I have been working her hard!  I had never had to have the needle bar replaced before.... it takes 4 to 5 hours to set.  So we drove up dropped of Lenni, had breakfast then came back home (just couldn't see setting around for 4 hours with dear hubby), then I drove back up to Carroll to pick her up around 3:00.

While I had my little break between trips to Carroll on Thursday I delivered 5 quilts to the center.  

The DHS still has an adequate supply of quilts right now, so I spoke to Johna at the center to inquire if they had a need for the smaller quilts.  Johna told me that the center has partnered with another organization that specializes in working with young mothers here in central Iowa.  So I will pack up several of the small quilts and get them delivered so that group will have them available for distribution first of next week.

Have you checked out the 2013 photo gallery?  It is currently up to date with all of the quilts that have been completed this year.

I have several more in various stages of completion (needing binding, needing to be trimmed and a whole lot needing to be quilted) but we have a nice selection up there right now.

Today I also plan to take up a stack of doggy mats to Aheintz 57 dog shelter today.  It really is time to clean out my car!  I keep putting the deliveries in the back a desperate attempt to jog my memory.  SUCKS to get old!

Back to quilting this next week!  I need a few customer quilts, so I can buy more batting for the comfort quilts.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A girl can dream

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you won the lottery?  I do all the time. note to self, to win you really do have to buy a ticket.

Here is what I dream of doing with my imaginary winnings.  Iowa Comfort would have its own building on several acre's of land.  It would have a 2000 square foot room for drop in sewing.  Another 1000 square feet for longarm rental.  

The facility would be set up so I could host retreats to help support Iowa Comfort (how silly is that thought.... I just won the lottery).  Anyway there would be space for 20 quilters to come and spend weekends.

I have this dream at least once a month, sometimes more.  And here is why.

This is what I packed up to take to the last community sew day. I take at least half of it with me to open sew Fridays once a month.

My husband actually asked it I was planning on coming back.  It would be so much easier if all of my stuff stayed in one place, and I had the space to host sewing there.  

Doesn't look like that is going to happen anytime soon, so I'll just keep loading my car up....maybe I can talk hubby into a bigger car for me.....

Back to quilting Friday, after Lenni has her spa treatment in Carroll.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Back in Iowa

Ah the fun that was had!  My ribs and face hurt from all of the laughing that I did over the last week.  It seemed like the week flew by and yet stood still all at the same time.

Much to my dismay there seemed to be no time to visit quilt shops... but at least I did not fall off my 2013 challenge not to purchase any quilting patterns.

This week is Lenni's spa treatment up in Carroll. So after Thursday morning I will be back up and running, working on those many quilts that I have in the q to be quilted and bound.

I also plan to deliver some quilts this week.

PS sorry this post was late!  Back on schedule Tuesday.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

moments from the community sew day

First off I want to once again thank everyone who came out to help with the community sew day!  We had an awesome turn out once again, and so very much was accomplished.

That being said, I can't even tell you what was all accomplished because kits were taken home to finish.  Finished quilt tops were gobbled up to be taken home to quilt.  People were making arrangements to bind tops.... my head was spinning!  And anyone that knows me knows that I was WAY out of my comfort zone.  But here is what I know.  Everyone there, came to help out and gave their time and talents willingly.  So I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that anything that went home, will make its way back and it will all be okay, I don't need a check list or sign out sheet.  (It is good for me to get out of my comfort zone once in a while)

Time to check out everything that was going on that day.


Nancy was a good sport and didn't hide from the camera.  I asked her and Jan to help make backings for quilts I have ready to quilt at home.  Nancy decided she would measure and cut the fabric, and then pass them off to Jan to sew.

I happened to catch Jan just as she turned to ask Nancy a question. I meant to get another pic of her.... but I quickly learned that there was some camera dodging going on by the group.  Jan also ironed the backings after she got them sewn together.  This duo made 25 backings on Saturday.  It is so wonderful.  I have quilt tops married to backing material, and all I have to do is reach in and grab the next project to quilt.... SUCH A HUGE HELP TO ME!  I hate piecing backings, mainly because I don't do it well.
Margret came for the morning hours. And she tackled a huge tub of fabric that I had pulled out to make pillowcases with.  She sifted through the tub looking for pieces of fabric that could be married together to make a pillowcase.  This truly was a difficult task, I tried my hand at it and gave up.  I couldn't find the possible color combo's.

Celia was Margret's table partner.  Here is Celia and Joyce working on a backing for a quilt that Joyce donated.  It was cowboy themed...and as luck would have it I had enough yardage of red bandanna fabric that would work as a backing. Although working on a backing here, Celia spent most of the day kitting those pillow cases.  I know I have 25 here either in kits or sewn together already....and I know that several went home to be sewn together at home and returned.  So I would say we are probably a third of the way to our goal of 75 for the year.

Joyce also found a really cute piece of novelty fabric and made another adorable little fish quilt.  I can't wait to get it quilted.
Oh the humming coming from Lonnie's machine was constant! I just happened to catch her when someone was asking a question about the pattern.  Lonnie was working on one of the quilts that was kitted last fall by the Circle of Friends group.  In just a little over and hour we cut and kitted 35 of these quilts.  I think I have fewer than 10 left now.
Rozetta was working on the same kit as Lonnie.  They were having a good time chatting and sewing away.   Lonnie brought Sherry to help out the cause.

Sherry is working on one of the pillowcases that Margret had kitted.  Isn't it pretty and soft.  I found it interesting that Sherry decided that it was better to come to Iowa, instead of stay in Arizona.  Not sure if she moved here for good or only the winter.... but not the usual migration pattern for us Iowan's.  Either way she sewed up a storm for us and I am very grateful for her help.

Here is Carol trimming up all of the pieces of a pillowcase kit, so she can get it sewn together.  Carol has made every community sew day we have had, along with Joyce, Nancy and Kathy.  Special thanks to all of you ladies.

Somehow Kathy and Norma evaded my efforts to get their pictures... not sure how they accomplished that and I am really sad that they did.  Nevertheless they were there and worked hard on pillowcases and quilt tops.  

Kathy also had rescued a quilt top from a garbage can...the owner didn't like it and was going to throw it away.  She brought it and we found a backing that would work for it, the top and backing went back home with her. She volunteered to quilt it for us.

We had a great time with food and fellowship!  Oh the food! Jan brought a yummy potato soup, Lonnie brought brownies, Rozetta said she brought the salt, wait that was chips...there were  cookies and breakfast breads, cheese and beefstick slices.  Nobody went hungry that's for sure.

The only bad part about the day, and it was only bad for me, was when I went out to my car to try to find some brown fabric. (the trunk is full of fabric).  I managed to lock myself out of the library, and although I pounded on the door for 10 minutes everyone was to focused on what they were doing to hear my cries of help.  I finally walked to the quilt shop, did I mention I went out without my coat, and asked Jacque to call one of the gals on their cell phone to let me back in.

All and all it was a wonderful day! An I am so very thankful for all that shared their day with me and my little project.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The final quilts from that huge bag.

As you are reading this, I am probably making my way to sunny California.  I plan to spend the week with my sister Danie from Alaska, doing some genealogy research on my paternal line... and just have a great time visiting with my sisters in California. Watch out Kellie, Kim and Pam you are about to be invaded.  I do plan to hit several quilt shops in my travels.... good thing when I packed I left room for goodies to come home with me!

I wanted to let you know that I received the nicest response back from Dottie's family about the previous two posts.  I am going to share them with you, I have only altered names to allow for their security (something law enforcement told me I really needed to do)

This was the first response:

Al and I are both so emotionally charged over the love these pieces have gotten (and will give)!. He is forwarding to his she tells me she has lots more! She will be SO pleased to know about this. Wish sometime you could see the 60+ quilts she has in a closet at their house..all finished with hand quilting and waiting for a home!

And the second email:

Just was thinking - you should share with this lady that altho, Dottie was ill ....and although she can't quilt..she just turned 90 in September (as well as her husband) and they celebrated their 70th anniversary in January.....she still makes pies...with homemade pie crusts....rolled out just like the old fashion way!

(Second email was edited to help keep from giving to much information about Dottie's medical condition.)

No doubt about it Dottie is a special lady, thank you once again for sharing your talents with Iowa Comfort!  

Lets back to the last of the donated quilts from Dottie.

Here is the first one I want to show you.

 I will be so glad when it gets warmer outside so I can take the quilts out on the deck and get really good pictures.  I just don't have large enough space in my house to lay these larger quilts out and have them lay flat.  Needless to say this quilt top is large and scrappy!  The first time I looked at it I saw 9 patches...
And I thought.... I have seen that block before.  But then I noticed that maybe it wasn't actually a nine patch.  Maybe just maybe they really are four patches.
Each nine patch has two identical fabric choices, and then the others are not identical.  Looking at the back of the quilt, I do believe that it was actually four patches that were set to give the illusion of a 9 patch.  

I love trying to figure out the quilt construction!

Here is the next quilt:

I have no doubt that this quilt was meant to go to someone special.  It isn't a scrappy quilt, and the fabric choices I am guessing where picked for specific reasons.  Perhaps the color combo was someones favorite combination.  Or perhaps the color combo was based on the focus fabric.
The focus fabric has a menorah, star of David and dreidel etched in a gold tone on the blue background.  I hope that this quilt when finished will find its way to someone that will truly appreciate what the quilt maker was creating.

The last quilt is going to test my longarm abilities. 

Opps forgot to turn it before I entered it.  We are back to 9 patches again. Obviously a favorite of the quilt maker.  She also made quilts with the fabric that she had.  This quilt is made from a knit/ polyester blend fabric.  Lots of stretch to it, which could make it a challenge to quilt..... but I am up for the challenge. 

It is a lap size quilt, which I am grateful for...less quilt to manage while I am learning new skills. 

I think this quilt might go to a senior housing facility, perhaps to someone who doesn't get many visitors.  The fabric in it will make it so easy to care for and it is just the right size for a lap quilt.

Did you notice that each row of nine patches had alternating fabric placement? One row has the focus fabric  in the corners, the next row has the background fabric in the corners.

Well that is all of the quilt tops from that huge donation bag.  The bottom of the bags does have sheets for the backings for each of the quilts.  I have never used a sheet before as backing material, so I will be learning another skill soon.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I know I will in sunny California (I know I just jinxed myself and it will rain my whole trip)!

Tuesdays post is about the community sew day.  Come back and check out all of the fun.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More donated quilts

Back to show n tell.  I am going to show you three more quilts from that bag that I collected at Circle of Friends a couple of weeks ago.

But before I do I want you to know that I will show you the pictures from the community sew day, next week.  Since I will be gone to California I am writing these posts in advance and scheduling them to post automatically.

Back to show n tell.  Remember this bag?

Deb Y brought it to me.  She knew a quilter who became ill and was no longer able to do any quilting at all.  The quilter donated all of her supplies and fabric and asked Deb to find new homes for them... which she did.  Lucky for us Deb donated the finished tops to Iowa Comfort.

I showed you the Hexie quilt a week ago.  Let me show you the next three out of that bag, now.

This quilt is at least a double...almost a queen.  Talk about scrappy! I love how it is a nine patch, but with four patches within the nine patch.  I don't think I had ever seen one like it before.  I see a quilt like this and remember that way back in the day, quilters used what they had... and they didn't let one scrap of fabric slip away unused.  This quilt will need a little TLC before it makes it to the longarm.  It has some seams to repair...and in need of some time with an iron.  I think I will quilt it with pink thread in meandering loops.  Maybe a different design, but I'm sure I will keep it fairly simple.

How fun is this quilt.  Rows of barns paper pieced and sashed together.  I haven't found two identical barns yet.  I thought it was really fun that the barn doors faced different directions.  I am sure that I would have had to do a lot of frogging to complete that design.  
 This is the last one I will show you today.  I really like this quilt.  I think it is because it is such a simple design.  But I am not sure how I am going to quilt it. That center block, and all the corner  stone blocks have THICK hand stitching to create those designs.  I think it is called a Crewel stitch.  I have been known to stitch threw an embroidery design.... but this one gives me pause.  I might have to wait for the next upgrade for Fonzie.   That upgrade should allow me to set an area for the machine to stay out of.  I am seeing a feather design......

Well that is it for today.  I'll show you the last three quilts from that bag on Saturday.

Enjoy your week everyone.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

We are sewing today!

Hope you can come and visit at least for a while today.

We have the room in the Adel Library from 10:00 to 4:00. If you are planning on coming here are some of the things that I can use help with.

I will have kits, like the ones we did last fall available to be sewn up.  If you are doing that you will need to make sure to bring your seam ripper.  The pattern is from Bonnie Hunters site and you will have to pick out 8 seams per quilt top.  These go together really quickly (if you follow instructions...which I failed to do last fall) and I have several waiting to be sewn up.

I will have a large tub of fabric that I would like to try to kit pillow cases out of.  It would be great if someone would like to sew them together also....but if I could just get them kitted it would be wonderful.  Fair warning these chunks of fabric are left over from other it will take a more creative mind than mine to see how to put them together.

I also need helping in piecing backings for the quilt tops I currently have in the que waiting to be quilted.  I don't remember right off the top of my head, but I know there are over 25.  At least half of those are bed size quilts. I have the toughest time piecing backings.  I always get that little bit of sag on one side or the I really need help on that.

I also will have some fabric that just needs to be chopped up for doggy beds.

Lots of things to different things to bring your normal sewing things and come and hang out for an hour or the day.  

I'll have the coffee on, and some snacks to keep us on a sugar high all day.

Hope I see you a little later today.

BTW I will be back to showing you the goodies from that large bag on Tuesday.