Sunday, March 4, 2012

Camera fixed!

I'm so embarrassed!  Do you know that your camera will not work if you put one of the batteries in the wrong way?????  Wish everything could be fixed that easily, wouldn't the world be a great place if it could.

I realized yesterday, when I was half way to the Amana Colonies, that I failed to assign a number to the quilt.  So here it is Colleen Eckhoff has donated Iowa Comfort quilt # 15 to us. This quilt was pieced and quilted by Colleen.  Thank you so much, it will make its way to the center at the end of this month, with the other quilts completed this month.

When I started to think about this project my loving son felt the need to remind me that not everyone was as OBSESSED as I was with quilting or as community minded.  He was afraid that I would be disappointed if I couldn't make my goal of 12 quilts for the center this year.  I sometimes take pleasure in being right. LOL  I knew we would make the goal.....but even I didn't know that we would make it before April first.

Which brings me to why I needed to figure out what was wrong with the camera!  Take a look at this.

This is the box that I received in the mail from my online quilting buddy Diane Larson.  She went through her UFO closet and found a few quilts that she knew she would never finish and asked if we would like them for the center.   Here is a look at what I found inside.

That box is FULL!  When Diane and I talked I thought she was sending me two tops.....there are six in there!  So that puts us up to 21 quilts!  I'll be showing pictures of the individual quilts over then next several days along with assigning numbers to quilts.  I have these 6 quilts scheduled for the longarm in April, and hopefully they will be delivered to the center at the end of April.

Until my next post......

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