Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Last post of 2015

It is really hard to believe that it has been three years since we started Iowa Comfort.

A group of volunteers, that donate their generous time and talents to bring a little warm and comfort to those in need in our community.  

That is what I like best about what I am doing, helping those within our own communities.

I have been busy working on quilts this past week.  This old dog even learned a new trick.  After years of people trying to teach me to machine bind.... I have finally mastered the techique well enough that I plan on using it frequently next year.

I have had this little quilt for a while now.  I was afraid to get it quilted because of the embellishments on the Sue Bonnet blocks.  The hat has a ribbon and a button. I took an afternoon and played with my computer program to find the right pattern and set up to miss those buttons and ribbons.  I was happy to get it completed and ready for donation.  I think I will send a puppy along with this little quilt.

Rozetta, pieced this quilt for Iowa Comfort.  I am ashamed to admit that I have had it waiting in the wings to be quilted for about 18 months now. I am thankful that she pieced it for us, and I know that it will be well loved by a small child.

This quilt is now finished also.  It is a double sliced layer cake.  We used fabrics that were donated by the ladies that attended Adel Quilting and Dry Goods 10 annual retreat. (they just had the 13 annual retreat.... )  That year everyone was asked to bring a 10 inch square in fall colors.  We have made several quilts from this donated fabric this year.  

Jan M donated the backing for this quilt and she also volunteered to bind it for me.  Actually she is the person that gave me that last little tip that allowed me to master machine binding this past week.

Jan also made this little quilt for a baby shower.  After I got it quilted for her she decided that the colors were not quite what the mother to be had asked for.  So she went home made another on and donated this one to Iowa Comfort.

Jan brought along 7 yards of flannel for donation when she dropped of the above quilt.  I have a special project in mind for that flannel.... but more about that next week.

As the year ends I want to thank all of my volunteers for everything they do for Iowa Comfort.  With out all of you we would not be able to help those that need our warmth and comfort.

I look forward to the coming year, expanding and modifing our mission just slightly.

Please drive safe during this winter weather event.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

IT IS CHRISTMAS and we got a major donation!

Yes I know....I said that I wasn't accepting fabric donations....but for every rule there is a an exception.

As you may know Fon's and Porter have closed their quilt shop in Winterset.

Colleen T. has had the fun task of dispersing some fabric to local organizations that provide comfort.  She thought of us again this year.

Take a look.

These are all wide backs.  

Full fat quarter bundles and another wide backing.

These are all 1 yard cuts, of color coordinated fabric lines.

Also recieved some color coordinated thread to match the fabric.

And as if that wasn't enough, Tony also sent along some flannel.

I have pre cut bricks ready to be sewn together, and several large pieces that can be used as backing.

My mind has been swimming with idea's for this fabric....and it is going to merry very well with next years focus....but that is another post.

All and all there is over 75 yards of fabric.  Pretty and soft fabric. (in my mind I am singing a version of soft kitty....you know the one with the lyrics about fabric)

I feel so very fortunate to be the recipiant of this donation.  We are going to make a lot of people smile next year.

Thank you so much Fon's and Porter, Colleen and Tony!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

overflowing scrap basket

When I am in the quilt room, sometimes I get a piece of fabric that is thin or I just can not imagine how I am going to use it.

Often it may be a small piece left over from another project or part of a panel.

These types of scraps go into a basket that sits to the right of my sewing machine.  Well that basket has been overflowing for about a month.  So this week I decided it was time to do something with it.

Here are three doggy beds that will be donated to AHeinz 57 today.


I hope that link works.  At about the 27 second mark there is one of our beds being used to provide comfort to rescued dogs.  Amy and crew do such a good job.  In this season of giving, please think about remembering them.  

Here is the other project I worked on yesterday fresh off the long arm.  These are those scrap pieces I was talking about earlier.

Originally I had planned on the green fabric being the back to this little project.  So I spent time at Open Sew this past week, creating a pieced (CRAZY) top.  I got just a little carried away with my piecing and the top became the back.  I also had to add a little more fabric to the green to truly maximize the backing.  No I didn't want to start putting scraps back into that basket already.

These are the size battings that I piece together for the doggy quilts.  
Tonight I will be squaring up and preparing these pieces for the next doggy quilt.  They are just the left over batting from other Iowa Comfort projects.   No I really don't throw much away.


These quilts are made with the intention that they will be used in the puppy pools or cages.  As you can see in the above video, regular blankets bunch up.... our puppy quilts tend to lay flatter because of the multiple layers.  I have been told they work really well.

Not sure if I will have a post next week as things are getting a little crazy around here.  We will see how it goes.

Wishing you all Merry Christmas, filled with love and family.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Delivery this past week

I delivered all of the Christmas quilts to the center this past week.  The delivery also included pillowcases and several bed size quilts.

Here are the last two Christmas quilts that were completed.

This one was pieced and quilted by myself, and Kathy B volunteered to bind it for me.

Oh this picture is not very good.  Note to self make sure to check the photo before I deliver.

Like the quilt above, I pieced and quilted this top.  Lonnie K. provided the binding and talent for adding the binding.

Kathy B also has been collecting stuffed animals.  I donated all of these this past week also.  I was told that the small ones will be used as stocking stuffers this Christmas and larger ones might be used as gifts.

This past weeks I quilted two hope quilts.  I also have a bed size quilt that is on the longarm now that will need to be bound in the near future.

Thank you Kathy B. and Lonnie K. for the donation of time and talents.

Hope everyone is having a joyous holiday season.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Check this donation out

I went to the mail box a couple of weeks ago and was surprised to see that I had a package to large for my box.

When I unwrapped the package, this quilt and pillow shams are what I found.

Nancy L. had originally purchased this set for her son's bed several years ago.  She no longer needed it at her house, but since it was still in beautiful condition she sent it to us. 

Nancy said she just felt better sending it to Iowa Comfort, than putting it in the Goodwill bin.

Iowa Comfort truly is blessed!

Thank you Nancy for thinking of us. This quilt will be delivered before Christmas, and may well be under a Christmas tree for someone starting over.