Saturday, June 29, 2013

# 99 !!!

It is hard to believe isn't it?  Through our collective generosity we have just completed quilt # 99.

This quilt is the last quilt top that was donated by my dear friend Marcia.  As a refresher Marcia has a group up in the Belmond area that quilts for charity.  But up until just recently they stuck with smaller projects, that were easily quilted on a domestic sewing machine.  So when her group received a donation of  7 bed size quilt tops from Joann she asked if she could send them to us.  

Joann had donated the tops that her sister had made prior to her unexpected passing.  

You can see the other 6 quilts in the 2013 photo gallery, they are the log cabin quilts that I have been working on.

Lets take a look at the last one.

This last quilt that Janis made was a little different.  The setting is a scrappy pinwheel design.  Now the quilt looks like it was made with large half square triangles..... but looks are deceiving!  Actually each one of those half square triangles have 8 strips of fabric in them, each strip foundation pieced to a square of muslin.

If you look hard you can see the seams in the close up of these blocks.

This top was heavy to the touch when I got it, and I thought about not putting a batting in it when I  quilted it.  In the end I did to make sure there wasn't any color bleed through to the backing material.

This quilt will probably not be used in the summer time.... it is warm!  It was all I could do to get it bound this last week....I kept rearranging the quilt so I wouldn't be so warm! 

I hope that Janis is smiling down knowing that her patchwork is completed and providing comfort to someone in need.

Thanks to Marcia and Joann for allowing me to complete Janis projects and donate them to the center.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

cuddllies and pillowcases

Yes ms blog program I do know there is no such word as cuddlies, you can red line it all you want in my text.... I am still using it.

It is just simply the only way to describe (in one word) the soft afghans that Donna makes for us.  Her fingers have been busy again   and the center will love getting these....not that they don't love all of our stuff...but these go to mothers with new infants.  And we all know anything that has to do with babies turn us all to mush.

Here are the latest creations from Donna.

They are so soft!  And take a look at the bottom row of the bottom picture.  Donna has little hearts in the pattern!  So cute!

Here is a close up of that heart!  I sure hope you can see subtle and yet so special.... or at least I think so!

Thank you Donna for your time and talents.  I know that these afghans are loved by those who receive them.

In addition to getting the donations from Donna.  Sherry P dropped off a donation at the Adel Quilting and Dry Goods shop.  Here is what she brought us.

Four more completed pillowcases ready for donation.  Sherry was at our community sew day in March.  She took these kits home and finished them up for us.   Thank you so much Sherry!  These are so needed & cherished.

I am not sure if everyone remembers (or even knows) but last year when we had the drive, the director of the center told us that everyone gets a new pillow when they arrive. The resident keeps that pillow when they leave, but not the pillowcase.  The center had been using the same pillowcases for over 20 years.  

With the donations from last year, and those that we are collecting this year, each resident keeps their pillow and the pillowcase when they leave.

With these 4 pillowcases we are now at 60 donated this year. The goal was 75 for the year.... I think we are going to make it again!

Can I just say that YOU ALL ARE AWESOME

When I reflect on what we have accomplished in a year and a half even I am in awe....and I know the generous hearts of quilters....but that will be a blog post all into itself in a couple of weeks.

Thank you one and all for your support of Iowa Comfort, it would not be possible without you!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Uhmmm Houston.......

Okay I get it universe... the plan was not working!  You have smacked me upside the head for the last time.  I have adjusted the system and will do a better job in the future so you don't have to smack me Gibbs style again.  (But I would seriously think about missing up one last time if it meant that I could get that close to Mark Harmon.... Oh my did I really type that?)

Alright back to reality here in my little corner of the world.  Lets take a look at my next two quilts:

These two quilts look a lot a like don't they?  Well evidently I thought they did because I labeled them both ICQ# 89.  

This time both of the labels were sewn to the backing prior to quilting the quilt.  So this time I am going to have to live with a label that has 89 crossed off in permanent fabric marker and replaced with a handwritten 90.

Enough said on the subject!  But if I do it again, someone please smack me upside the head will ya!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing, and expect different results.  I am insane!  Just putting it out there for the world... I am OWNING my INSANITY!

Only and insane person would continue the same path that leads to this.

This was my quilt room last week.  Various quilts for donation  in various stages of completeness.  I knew I needed to get it cleaned for a couple of days last week, I worked on documenting and labeling the quilts.  I decided once I had them photographed and the paper work done on them I could fold them up neatly and store them until it was time to donate them.

And I must admit that I was feeling pretty darn proud of myself.  I have the two forms of paperwork saved to my desk top, so I can easily access the most current form..... all I have to do is transfer the information from the spreadsheet to the form  I had a plan!

Alas plan or not.... I had a problem.  I discovered it when I was doing the paper work, so I guess it was a good thing that I worked on it last week.  

Lets see if you can figure out my problem:

Aren't these pretty pictures of quilt # 85?  It is amazing how different they look in different lighting...... (Okay where is my sarcasm font?)

Both of these quilts were labeled #85..... the log cabin quilt, had the label sewn to the backing prior to quilting the quilt.  The juvenile quilt I applied after it was quilted.  Either way they were both labeled #85....and believe it or not I had a problem with that!  

So I spent the better part of an evening removing the label from the back of the bottom quilt ( did I mention that I heat bond my labels?).  I accomplished this by ripping out the stitching and applying heat to the label. Once heat was applied I attempted to peal the label off the back, cleaning up as much of the sticky bond and then reapplying the correct label which is #91.  The whole process took about 3 hours.

Needless to say I wasn't the happiest camper. I blame my mistake on having too many quilts in various stages of  completeness.... but honestly it was just a stupid mistake that I had to fix. 

The quilts are now correctly numbered, photographed and documented.  Neatly folded and waiting for me to deliver them to the center. 

I can move on to working on the last quilt from Marcia B.'s group.  This quilt is a muslin foundation pieced quilt, and it is already quite heavy.... it will keep someone warm and toasty on a cold winters night.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

As promised

 I am showing you some of the projects that have been completed since my last delivery to the center.

Well at least I thought they were completed......

This is Iowa Comfort quilt #83.  I had it all folded and ready for delivery until I realized I needed to photograph it for the photo gallery.  When searching for the label..... I realized I still have 16 inches of binding to stitch down..... sure glad I caught it!

This is Iowa Comfort # 86 ( 84 has already been delivered.... and there is a story about #85).  Remember when I told you that I was doing some reorganizing of my fabric last week?  Well while I was doing it I found the binding that the gals from the Adel Christian Church sent with this quilt.  Pretty purple binding that matched that outer border.... MUST BE BETTER ORGANIZED!  I am pretty sure I can use that pre cut binding in another project, I won't lose it again.

This is Iowa Comfort #87.  Since both 86 & 87 had a little yellow in the quilts I used the same binding on both of them.

I also used the same backing material.  The piece was wide enough but not quite long enough for me to load these two quilts separate.  So I tried something new, and quilted the first one and then continued on from that point and loaded the second one.  When finished, I had both quilt tops on one back... with very little waste of backing material or batting.  

The process worked well with one exception.... those pesky labels!

I know I am being anal... but I really want these quilts to be documented, and I want to know that the labels remain on the quilts.  So I have started machine sewing the labels on to the backing prior to quilting the top.  I try to place the label in the center of the backing, and try real hard to get the top centered on the backing.  

These two quilts were one of the first that I started doing this on, and I got them centered pretty well.... only problem is that quilt 86 clearly has a top and bottom ( it isn't square like 87). When I sewed the label on the backing  I positioned the label incorrectly! The label is standing on its side. Of course I didn't notice it before I quilted it.... I stewed about my mess up for a couple of days and then decided to let it go.  Some day 10 years from now if someone looks hard enough they will find this post and get the rest of the story.

I'll show you more completed projects on the next post, and I have a few more stories to tell on myself also.  So come back and visit on Tuesday.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A surprise at my back door!

Saturday afternoon I was getting ready to deliver dog beds to Aheinz57 dog shelter.  As I was gathering up the 7 beds and 4 doggy mats to take to the car, I realized that someone had dropped off a little surprise at my back door.  

I had been downstairs so it is quite possible that I didn't hear the knock, or it could have been a case of leaving the donation where they knew I would find it.

I can't say for sure who dropped off these items....but I have a short list of who I think it might be.  This donation is a little different than what I normally get, and I will be honest I called to make sure that it was something that the center wanted, before I take it to them later this morning.  

The center gets a lot of clothing donations, and I have noticed that much of the everyday type of stuff ends up in their annual garage sale.  Now there is nothing wrong with that, but if my hunch is correct about who donated these, I am pretty sure the intent was to help people with work clothes.... so I wanted to make sure that is what would happen with them.

Inside three of those bags are garments made by Miss Dorby, Ralph Lauren and Rena Rowen to name a few.  There are blouses, jackets, dresses and suits.  Many of these outfits would be great for an interview or office work place attire.

The bottom right sack has two large fleece (??? I am not great at identifying anything but 100% cotton) that will make wonderful dog beds in the near future.

The clothes are headed to the center this morning, and I would encourage people to think about donating office clothes to the center when you are cleaning out your closets.  That being said... I usually only make one trip to the center a month, and I really don't have a lot of storage.... so if you are donating clothing please do it at their office.  Their new office is right across from the DOT in Adel, and that way you can get a tax donation write off.

Check back on Saturday for pic's of some of the completed projects that I promised in my last post.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Donation Part 2

Are you ready to see the rest of what Jean brought us?  Okay lets take a look at them....

 Here is a top made from my favorite line....Marbled Moda's, they are striking in the 9 patches.  We have ABC off square fabric.... and look Jean sent premade binding and backing for the quilt also.
 This top is gorgeous I love each block and how the colors migrate from lighter to darker in the  same color family.  I also love the backing that Jean sent, that bright striped material.
This top reminds me of my grandmother, florals were her favorite.... and when I look at this top I think it is a classic... much like my grandma.  (thanks Jean for the pleasant memory)
Here is another 9 patch... I love how it is the same quilt as the first, but because the borders are different the quilt has a different feel.  I also love the backing and binding material she sent.  The balloons match the colors in the 9 patches.

Once again Jean V thank you for your generous donations!  I have no doubt they will all be well loved.

I have tucked these quilt tops away in my closet, with the rest of the tops that are waiting to be quilted.  

I am in the process of reorganizing donated material, and that maybe next week I will take inventory of it and find out how many tops I actually have.  Maybe I will even try to marry backing material with quilt tops...... that may be to logical, at least for me.

Hope the sun shines for you at least a little this weekend.  Stop by on Tuesday for a peek at a couple of completed projects.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Oh where to start? I guess I am going to start with a big THANK YOU to Jean V.

I received a call from Jean last week asking if by chance I would be home on Friday.  She wanted to stop by and drop off a quilt for Iowa Comfort.  Now Jean has donated a top before, and it was so bright and cheerful...that I was really looking forward to seeing what she made this time.
Here is a picture of the first quilt.

I was not prepared for Jeans generosity, but I truly am grateful, and I know that they will be loved by the child that receives them.

Take a look.
 She made a smaller version of the quilt above.
Isn't this quilt adorable, bright nine patches with ABC fabric in the background.
 I love the colors and textures of this little quilt.
 Another 9 patch, but this time with a teddy bear background.
 This quilt is so soft and fluffy.  Can you see the alphabet blocks?
 Here is a little rail fence, that is adorable.
Wonderful fabrics again, but this time in an around the world setting.

Count them that is  SEVEN quilts!  

Love it even more these are ready for donation....except that pesky label that I insist on putting on all of our quilts.  I plan on spending this week getting them labeled and the paperwork done on them so they can make the next delivery cycle.

This isn't even the complete donation, I'll show you the rest of it on my post on Saturday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!  Thank you again Jean V.!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

another busy day

Just a quick note before I go and hang out with Mister Owen today.  Hard to believe it but he is turning one today!  His parents are having a party for him in the park.... and this grandma is on decoration detail this morning.

It is also hard to believe that it is the first of June already, this year is flying by!   Lets talk about May though.  Yesterday I made a delivery to the center. There were 7 quilts and 45 pillowcases delivered.  You can check out the quilts on the 2013 photo gallery tab.  They were quilts 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 84 and 88.  I know you noticed a gap there... I have a few quilts that still need binding or labels sewn on...and they just didn't get done before my delivery.  

The center was very appreciative of the donation.....and had a special request.  They recently had a quilt rack donated to them.  They are looking for a quilt to be made that they can hang from the wall in their office.  They want the quilt to reflect their mission statement......anyone up for the challenge?

I hope to get two labels sewn on quilts this weekend, and I have three quilts to bind this coming week.  

As always I will quilt one or two of the quilts on the pile also this week.

Yesterday I received a major donation of quilts.  I will be showing them on my next two posts so make sure to stop back and see them.

Hope everyone enjoys the sunshine the weatherman are promising this weekend!