Thursday, March 29, 2012

Comfort for our 4 legged friends

I will be making our first donation to aheinz 57 this Sunday hopefully.  Aheinz 57 is a no kill shelter for dogs that have had a tough time.  Many of these dogs need special attention before they can be adopted into families.  Most have had a terrible life, and the loving people at this shelter nurture these poor animals back to loving animals that families can welcome into their homes.

Sometimes fabric is donated to Iowa Comfort that is just to heavy or unstable to go into quilts.  That fabric is used to make doggie mats or beds for Heinz 57. 

Here are a few pictures of what we have so far:

Here are several of our mats.  I did a lot of practicing my freehand quilting on these pieces.

The pillow/bed up above was left over fabric that I made a quilt out of for my brother in law.  I stuffed it will all the left over strings when I cut fabric.  You know that little sliver of fabric that is really to small to save....but I did anyway and it makes nice stuffing for animal beds.  (Mork and Mindy were my testers.....they gave me two paws up.)

Nancy Hagelberg made 4 pads, and I have made 4 along with three beds. 

Did you notice the binding we are using......found away to use those left over binding strips.  I'm sure the doggies won't care that the binding doesn't match.

If you would like more information on aheinz 57 here is a link to their website 

 If you have plans on adding a new pet to the family, please think about looking first at this shelter, or any shelter that is close to you.  I know that I will never regret adopting Mork and Mindy from the ARL...they bring me so much joy!

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