Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quilt # 18

Wanted to show you the next quilt from Diane's box of treasures.  This quilt reminds me of a quilt that I remember at my Grandma's house when I was little.  It had the same colors in it, and big  Ohio stars.

I know that these stars are not Ohio stars......but I love how quilts can take you back to a time and place that may have not been remembered for a long time.  That is what this quilt did for me.  Took me back to a time when my grandmother would try to get all the cousins together at her house for a weekend.  She wanted us all to know each other. Grandma would always give us chores to do mine and my cousin Teri's job was usually to organize her 15 jewelry boxes.  Find the matches to all the earrings. Match earrings to coordinating bracelets or necklaces.  It was an all day chore, grandma figured that it wasn't important to get them all in the same box when she was done wearing it, only important to get it into a box. So Teri and I would dump all of the boxes on to the bed that adorned a the quilt and together we would spend the day sorting and matching jewelry for Grandma.

Here is a closer look at the quilt.

Thanks Diane for the quilt and the trip down memory lane, it had been a while since I had remember those weekends with my cousins at Grandma's place.

More quilts to reveal through out the week, so keep checking back in.

Until my next post........

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