Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thursday Delivery

I have spent the week documenting quilts, which included taking pictures and making sure a label was on each one.  I must say that trying to remember how much time I spent quilting or binding a quilt became challenging.  I did not do an excellent job on paper work over the summer.  I just can't imagine why (where is that sarcasm font that I so need?)!

Anyway here are the quilts that I loaded into the car Thursday for delivery.

I know that you can't quite see them all, not to worry over the weekend I will get them all posted on the gallery tab.

All of these quilts did go to the Crisis Center.  When I delivered them I was able to see their new office and there were many staff members present.  Each quilt was eewwed and ahhed over, and I could see a twinkle in their eyes as they decided the best use for each quilt.  

The Director thanked the group again for all of our hard work, and hopes that the quilts will continue to find their way to the center. 

In addition to the quilts, I took 11 afghans.  They were very well fact I was afraid that a couple of the green ones were going to cause a little scrimmage ( not really but there were two staff members that really liked those afghans).

These afghans were donated by Marcia Burt, and if I remember correctly her mother had made them all.  Lets take a look at a couple of pictures.

I know that the staff are going to put most of these in Christmas baskets for the families that they serve.

You see that green and white afghan?  That was the staffs FAVORITE, and it is being put aside as a Christmas gift.  Every year there is someone that does not get adopted, for whatever that green and white afghan will be given to that person.

I have a busy weekend and later today my Granddaughter and I will make a delivery to Aheintz 57 shelter.  We have doggy mats and pillows to deliver.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I forgot it was Tuesday!

Getting old is a pain! My memory is seriously fading. 

So this post will be short and sweet.  Today and tomorrow is going to be prep for delivering quilts, and doggie pads.

I need to document them, figure out time involved in creating the quilts and the cost of the materials, for the quilts going to the center.

I will be in contact with DHS to see if I need to provide any documentation for their donation.

I spent yesterday afternoon working on learning machine binding on doggie pads.  I have 10 to donate to Aheintz 57 shelter, and should have at least 3 pillow beds for them also.

BTW last night I applied a label to a quilt and it was quilt #45, and I still have at least 7 to quilt this year.  You all are amazing!  Especially since the goal was 12 quilts for the year. Thank you for your continued support.

Off to walk my miles and then headed to the grocery store.

Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

pictures from Circle of Friends

In my last post I told you that the gals from Circle of Friends were going to help out Iowa Comfort in honor of citizenship day.

Shortly before six oclock, people started showing up for our meeting.  I had brought the following fabric to kit....and although it was a lot of fabric, I knew I could always take it back home with me.

 This fabric had mostly been donated by Deb Steere at the charity sew day up north earlier this month.

As people came in they set up their mats and started cutting.  I had picked a pattern from Bonnie Hunters website, and gave each table cutting instructions.

Lets just say that many hands can accomplish much.  With all that cutting going on, our youngest member of Quilt Circle went around to the tables and collected the strips.
Once collected and sorted at the table kits were assembled.

And shortly after an hour this is what was left of the fabric.
Thirty one complete kits, 2 pillowcase kits, and 4 or 5 partial kits.

Thank you to everyone who helped!  You will never know how much it means to me, and I know the kids that get these quilts will love them.  A special thanks to Jacque Johnson of Adel Quilting and Dry Goods for putting this together.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sew happy!

Yesterday I was able to bond with Shirley again, it has been along time since I was able to sit down and sew with her.

Do you all know that I have named all of my machines? If not here is the run down. Laverne is my domestic machine that travels, Shirley stays at home in the sewing room.  I also have Lenni and Squiggy, and now the Fonz.  And although they are not machines, I also have my kitties that are always helping me pick up thread (and not in a good way)...Mork and Mindy.  Bet you are glad I explained all of that.  Can you tell that I spent way to much time in front of a TV when I was a kid?

Last week I showed you the fabric that Ruthann's  husband donated.  Most of the fabric went home with Donna Grove to play with and make tops for Iowa Comfort.  I have heard that she has enlisted the help of the ladies from the Christian church in Adel.  The fabric that stayed here was precut and stitched squares for rag quilts.  I spent the afternoon sewing the squares together and I have enough rows for 4 rag quilts.  It felt good to just sit and stitch again, even better that it was the second day this week that I was able to do it.

Yesterday was citizenship day, and at our regular meeting of  Circle of Friends the group helped kit some quilts.  I'll have pictures of that on Saturdays post.

Hope you all are enjoying the cooler weather.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Community Sew Day on the books

Yesterday I spent the day at Open Sew.  Open Sew is sponsored by Adel Quilting and Dry Goods on the second Friday of each month.  Any one who wishes brings their projects and can work on them at the Adel library.  Yesterday in the fellowship of other creative people I worked on some of the unfinished projects from the charity sew day put on by my IQ (Iowa quilters) on line group.  

I finished a jelly roll quilt that Sandy had started, and Deb had donated the fabric for.

The black and turquoise 9 patch also was finished yesterday.  That quilt was pieced together by Deb Steer and Marcia Burt.

Pat's quilt was quilted this week, and I applied binding to it yesterday.  I will start stitching it down later this morning at my Prairie Womens Sewing Group.

While at the library I decided to try to get one more community sew day on the books before the end of the year.  I was shooting for a day in October...but no such luck the library is full every day in October.  The first day that was available in November was the third.  So I took it.  More information to follow as we get closer to the day.

Time to head out to the Farmers Market in Des Moines.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

4 darling quilts!

Monday afternoon I received an email that I had a quilt donation waiting for me at Adel Quilting and Dry Goods.  I was ready for a break from quilting so I decided to head over to the quilt shop to pick up the quilt.  I try really hard to pick up fabric and quilt donations quickly so as not to take up space at Jacques.

Getting to Jacques was a challenge in itself...road construction on highway 169 had a lane shut down, and I missed the pilot car each way by one car. I know this because I was first in line each time.  My 6 minute commute was more like 20 minutes each way..... but I am not complaining because the donation was wonderful.

Betty Wicks stopped by the shop and left four quilts.  Each of these quilts will go to the local DHS building to be distributed by the social workers as they see fit.

The quilts are all so soft, and cuddly and really really cute!  Here they are:

Above we have a close up of the fabric.  Themed in all the nursery rhymes that I can remember.. the cat and the fiddle, cow over the moon, old mother hubbard, the golden goose, and many many more.

Here is a view of the entire soft and pretty!

 Above is quilt #2 from Betty.  Soft yellows, blues and greens with 
Winnie and company spattered with in the fabric.
I am ashamed to say that I only remember Winnie and Tigger... the rest of the characters escape me.  What a bad grandma I am.  (off to google them as soon as I finish this post)
Zoom Zoom, this is one hot little bright and cheerful.
I think every muscle car that was ever made is represented on this little quilt... I know I owned at least one of them if not two, back when I was young.

Quilt #4 is in soft colors.  Yellow, pink, green and blue, and is very soft to the touch.
When I first saw the fabric I though it was a Wizard of OZ panel.  I saw that one lion and thought it was the cowardly lion, but it isn't.  So again I have failed as a grandmother, I know this is based on a fairy tale or book.  Could some one please give me a clue..... Please!

Betty thank you so much for your generosity! Once we get a label on these quilts I will get them delivered to DHS.  I know that they are going to make several children very happy.  Nothing is better than having a warm and cuddly quilt to call your own, especially when life is a little hard.

The rest of the week I am going to work on getting all the paper work done on the quilts we have completed, so I can get them to the center early next week.  I will also deliver the afghans at the same time.

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Remembering RuthAnn

Earlier this week I received an email from the Jacque at Adel Quilting and Dry Goods. There had been a large donation off of fabric that Iowa Comfort could have.  On Monday I drove over to pick up the fabric. It was a huge sack, and it was full.


This sack of fabric was donated by Carol Morrison.  Carols wife RuthAnn passed away in March, and he wanted her fabric to be used instead of thrown away.  I hope that my family will do the same thing when my time comes.

RuthAnn loved flannel the entire sack was full of it.
 I am pretty sure that this stack was the beginning of a rag quilt.  If not that is what it will end up being....but I'm pretty sure that the stack is large enough to be two laps size quilts.

These two pictures show the rest of the material that was in that sack.  Some very cute fabric in there, that will make some adorable children quilts.

Donna Grove was by the house this week also.  Donna is in a group that makes small quilts for one of the local hospitals.  She always has such cute quilts!  I asked her if she would be interested in taking the flannel home with her to make tops for Iowa Comfort.  The flannel went home with Donna and I just know that every top will be adorable!

I want to thank Carol for the donation, I believe it is a loving tribute to his wife RuthAnn.  I also want to thank Donna for accepting the offer and for the future quilt tops I know that will be coming.

I'm headed out to the farmers market this morning, hard to believe that there are only 6 left in the season.  I guess fall really has arrived.  Enjoy your day everyone!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I am sure you all know what a WIP is...but just in case I will let you know.  WIP = work in progress.

At the end of our charity sew day we had three WIP's that came home with me to finish up.  They are actually very close to completion and will probably go with me to my open sew day next week.  I should be able to get the tops finished that day. But just because they are completely finished doesn't mean that I can't show them to you now.
This first quilt was worked on by Angie Olson, she traveled down from Minnesota to be part of the charity sew day.  I was truly amazed at how much she completed in that one day.  The quilt that she was working on will be a queen size quilt.

 The pink and red fabric was donated precut by Adel Quilting and Dry Goods, I brought along some cream muslin, and Angie went to work making 9 patches.
The nine patches were offset with big muslin blocks.... I had plans for those cream blocks, a pretty feather wreath or something like that.... and then I remembered that I only have 12 of quilting space and those are 14 inch blocks....ah well.  

We ran out of muslin late in the day and Deb Steere went to town and picked some up to finish so Angie could keep working on the quilt.   Thank you Angie, Deb and Jacque, this quilt is going to be so soft and pretty when completed.

The next top I am going to show has fabric that was donated to Iowa Comfort in it.  I am ashamed to say I don't know who donated this fabric....but thank you for the donation.  Dian cut this fabric down into precut sizes for me at our last community prep day.  Marcia and Deb set out making 9 patches for this queen size quilt.  Here are the blocks.
Isn't that some fun fabric!  I auditioned many colors to be the offset blocks....and only black would work.  It is going to be striking!  Do see what happened when planning this quilt?  Look close.....
Yep I didn't have quite enough of the focus fabric for all of the nine patches.  So I made do and 20 of the squares in the 9 patches will be either the turquoise blue or the purple batik.  I think it will give the quilt a little extra character.

Deb Steere brought along a couple of jelly rolls for donation....and Sandy took a liking to one of them.  Sandy decided to make a 1600 quilt (also known as the jelly roll quilt).  Instead of the joining the strips together with the diagonal line, she wanted to add a 2.5 inch square to ends of the strips. to have them look like this.
This jelly roll had pinks, reds, soft greens and brown in it.  Sandy was able to complete the first lap of the race in our allotted time two weeks is a peek at a snapshot of that quilt.
It is going to be so pretty!

I will of course show you all of the completed tops once I get them done.

I want to thank everyone once again for coming out and sewing for Iowa Comfort.  I know that many of you traveled over 2 hours to attend and I really do appreciate all of your time and talents!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Charity sew day part 3

Yes I know I have had several posts from that charity sew day, and I am telling you right now that there will be at least one more before I move on to something else.  AIN'T IT GRAND TO BE ME! 

Today's post will show the tops that were completed the day we all got together.  This group of ladies were very productive.  Lets take a look at the quilt that Viv Mohwinkle and Renise Frey, pieced together.

The fabric for this quilt was donated by Adel Quilting and Dry Goods and came to us already precut. Viv and Renise had to decide how to put the quilt together.  Finding the right design was important to them.... I think the did a fabulous job!  There was even enough fabric for Renise to put this top together....
The first picture is probably a queen/double, the second is large enough to be a twin.  They even made the binding for these two quilts.  

I think these two quilts will be loved at the center, or maybe they will be kept back and given to someone transitioning out of the center. Either way the quilts are wonderful!

Pat Adney brought a long some blocks made from Bonnie Hunters leader and ender (gee I hope that is what she calls it) system.  While chain sewing other projects she sews two pieces of fabric together, thus not wasting thread. Pat made several 16 patch blocks out of this system.
Then she added sashing, cornerstones and a border to make this adorable quilt.  She also sent fabric along for the binding and maybe enough for a matching pillowcase.  This quilt once quilted will go to the DHS office for distribution as the social workers deem necessary.

The next two quilts were made by Rhonda Huggins.  The first quilt was a panel that I had picked up at the AQS show last year.  It was meant to be a cloth book, but I wanted a quilt so Rhonda worked her magic.
She added sashing to the blocks and some bright borders.... and yes that is binding that she is holding.  The panel is about counting: one fish, two I think this little quilt could be used as an I spy quilt.  I spy the number 2, or the color blue.  Rhonda is much more creative than I was. After all it has sat in my closet for over a year.

Here is Rhonda's second quilt top.

Simple but so gosh darn cute!  She took a piece of fabric cut it in half and added that bright pieced border and center strip.  Some little boy is going to love to cuddle in that quilt.

As you can see the day was very productive, and we still have enough pictures for one more post.  

Thank you again ladies for all of you support, you are making a difference in someones life.