Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Today I get to quilt!

I've been busy the last two days.  Between the warm weather and my guilt about how bad I let my quilt room get, I decided it was time for DEEP spring cleaning.  There wasn't a shelf that wasn't emptied or a baseboard not dusted.

Hope you forgive me that I didn't post.....but I didn't even turn on a computer until last night.  I did go to my Circle of Friends quilt group on Monday night.  I had two quilts gifted to Iowa Comfort.  These two quilts are already complete, the only thing I'll need to do is get an Iowa Comfort label on them.  They will be delivered at the end of the month with our other quilts.  I'll have pictures of each of them in tomorrows and Fridays post.

I do have a couple of pictures to show you.  I figured that since I showed you the before picture of my room, I can share the after.
Here are the next three comfort quilts to go on the LA.  I hope to get all three quilted by Sunday. (remember in the before couldn't see the floor)
Here are a couple of shots of the inside of my closet.  Any fabric that has more than two yards goes on a bolt.  On the other side if I have a project in mind and have the fabric pulled for it I have placed the fabric in one of the baskets along with the pattern.  No more projects on the closet floor

This is what the space under my longarm looks like now.  BTW that yellow blob is the cats bed.  Mork knows that where ever that is he is allowed to be there.

I can actually sew at my domestic machine now!

Here is all of my thread organized by color. 

I'm still not done with the room.  But the next part requires my husband to build the shelves for under the longarm.  I found the baskets that I will use this weekend. I think I'll need 12.

I promise to get back on track now that I have gotten the spring cleaning out of my system.

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  1. Totally impressed with your cleaning...and your organization! Way to go, Deb! You will enjoy your sewing room more than ever! :)