Tuesday, May 1, 2012

paper work today

I hope to be able to deliver quilts later today, along with some other goodies that have been donated to the center.

Before I can do that I have to do the paperwork......  I still haven't come up with away to stream line that part of the charity.

Although I don't claim any of the donations for tax purposes. I haven't applied for non profit status yet with the government, that costs about $500.00. At this moment in time I would prefer to spend that money on fabric and batting. I also thought I would give it some time before I applied to make sure that it was a project that would continue to be supported so wonderfully.

The center can still benefit from knowing how many hours have been donated over the month, and the value of the quilts and pillowcases they receive.  They are able to apply for grant money based on that information.

I try to calculate actual hours it would have taken to complete the quilt for those that are given to us completed for donation.  Then I try to calculate the actual value of the materials that have gone into the completed quilt.  I was advised by the IRS that I can not assign a value to the time that it took to piece, quilt and bind the quilt...just the materials.

Well I need to get to that book work.  Tomorrow I'll have a picture of donation fabric!

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