Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Finished quilts for April

Thought I would show you the finished quilts that will be heading to the center.  I know I only finished 3 this month....but given all that is going on I think that is pretty good.  And thanks again to Wanda Hickey, and our other donor for donating finished quilts.
I know that is the same quilt....but this is a close up of the binding.  We could not find the right green.  So we tried to pick up the pinkish purple out of the paisley fabric.

All three of the quilt tops were donated by Diane Larson.  Thank you so much Diane!
I also want to thank Nancy Hagelberg for donating the time and effort to bind the  green quilt....you helped me out a bunch!
These were from Wanda Hickey.  Thank you again for your generosity.
Last but not least, this quilt was donated by someone who chose to remain anonymous.  I thank them for their generosity anyway.

I also have some clothes and hygiene products to deliver to the center.  Hopefully yet today.

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  1. Great job,Deb and friends! What beautiful quilts! from Pat A