Monday, April 30, 2012

Labels, labels, labels.

Yesterday I spent the day finishing the quilting on the comfort quilt for my sister.  Even though this was a comfort quilt, I want everyone to know that the fabric for it did not come out of Iowa Comfort fabric.  Not that it would have mattered to anyone .....but just the same I wanted to let you know. 

Last night it was a label kind of night.  I pulled all seven quilts that are slated for delivery on Tuesday out and started attaching their labels to them.  NOTE to self....lets learn to attach labels while attaching binding.  Ah but that would be logical wouldn't it.  :-)

I'll have to see if Jacque Johnson has any free time on Tuesday so she can join me when I deliver the quilts.  The shop has been doing great at collecting pillow cases for the center.  We have far exceeded the original request of 80, and they just keep coming.  Not to worry though, should we exceed the needs of the center....we will find a place for them locally and brighten someones day.

Well I am off to load a customer quilt....I'll be able to order batting this week!  Its a good thing.

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