Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fabric donation # 2

Yesterday I showed you fabric donated by Peggy in Winterset.

Today I show you fabric from Dallas Center/ Minburn.

Nancy Hagelberg is another one of those strong supporters.  She has donated time, she has pieced quilts and if I'm not careful she will steal a quilt from me to bind without me even knowing it. (not really but you get the picture...she is always willing to assist)

If I remember the story correctly, recently someone in her church was cleaning out their house of things they would no longer be needing.  Her ears perked up when she heard there was fabric....and thought of us.  She sorted through all of the fabric and found some that we could use.  Here is a few shots of what she whisked away for us.
Isn't that some fun fabric?????  We have checks, florals, stripes and paisley fabric.  Oh so much fun!  These fabrics will bring a lot of depth to a scrap quilt in the near future... I just know it!
Thank you Nancy for rescuing these fabrics for our cause!

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