Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fabric donation

Quick note to let you all know that things are hectic again.  I'm writing several posts in advance because I have two surgeries for family members, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday.  I only tell you because my lack of post caused concern early last month.

Now on to the fabric donation.

Penny White has been a supporter of Iowa Comfort since it's early days.  Not only did she piece and bind quilts, she also spread the word of the group.

Penny is moving out of the area this week.....but not before telling quilting buddies in Madison county about us.  One of her quilting friends brought her 4 yards of fabric to pass on to us.

Isn't it pretty!  And oh so soft!  I would like to thank Peggy Freligh from Winterset Iowa for this beautiful fabric.  Not sure exactly how it will be used yet....but it will be used in a comfort quilt.  Thank you again for your donation and support.

I'm going to miss Penny and all of her creative ideas.....but I wish her well in her new home and I'm sure she will find lots of new quilting buddies up in Marion.

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