Friday, May 4, 2012

binding tails

So tell the truth.  When you do binding are you like me and save the left over binding tail for future use?   I do and of course I never did find  a use for them until now.

When I make the doggy mats for Aheinz 57, I use up all of those binding tails to finish the mats.  I don't care that they don't match....I just sew a bunch together and put a scrappy finish to the mat.

I must have told that story before because look what I got from Jacque Johnson:
Yep a whole AQDG sack full of binding tails.

And check out this from Nancy Hagelberg. Yep more binding tails.

Nancy also gifted me short pieces of know what you cut off the bottom or sides.  Jacque informed me she has a sack full waiting for me also.

These pieces of batting will just be slid in between the top and bottom layers of the fabric when I am making the doggy mats.  The doggies won't care if it doesn't lay absolutely flat.

Thanks ladies for the donations..... I know the doggies will love their new mats when they get them.

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