Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This month has really gone by fast.  Unfortunately pressing matters kept me from getting much of this months goal done.  I decided that there was no benefit to fret over my lack of productivity or to beat my self up, I just am going to have to go with the flow of things until things calm down in my life. 

A good friend also reminded me that the original goal was to do 12 quilts in a year.....and we have donated over  22 already this year and it is only May.

That being said, last week I did finish IQ#18.....well almost I have 10 inches of binding to complete hand stitching.  This quilt had the backing donated by Lonnie. 

I originally planned to use the left over backing material as the binding.....but I didn't like it. What to do....what to do.... I actually grabbed the quilt and was heading for the door to drive to the local quilt shop when I channeled Bonnie Hunter.  I thought wait a minute girl, you have 5 bags of donation fabric you haven't taken a serious look at yet.  So I put my keys away and went to the quilt room.....and you know what, there in a bag of material that Lonnie gifted us was the perfect binding for the quilt!

Yesterday, I pieced a backing together and loaded ICQ# 19 on the longarm.  I thought I would go with a black back.....but then I remembered this wonderful dark blue that Jan had donated.  It was perfect for the quilt.  My batting order still hasn't arrived, and then I remembered that a customer left me an extra roll of batting last week as a donation, so it is going to be the one that I use on this quilt.

I'll keep sewing along, and hope to get all of the quilt tops that I currently have quilted by the end of June.  There I go again setting goals......I hope that things settle down enough that I can be successful.

Next post is Saturday.  I should have at least one picture for you by then.

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