Friday, May 11, 2012

Almost but no cigar

Yesterday I set the goal of quilting Iowa Comfort Quilt #18.  I thought I might get the quilting finished on it.

I got a later start than I had planned.  I had trouble locating the fabric I was going to use on the two side borders.  At 4:30 I ran out of my last wound bobbin and decided it was an omen that I should be done for the day.  I promptly shut down Lennie and closed up the quilt room.  I have about an half an hours worth of quilting to do to finish up the quilt.  I'll get it done this weekend.

Today is open sew Friday, and I didn't get to go last month.  I'll spend most of the morning there.  In the afternoon my Mom and I are hitting up a garage sale that has baby boy clothes.  With this weekend being Mothers Day, I also need to shop after I drop off my mom for her present.

Life is busy, I'm sure glad that I am retired or there would not be enough hours in the day. Make sure to enjoy your day.

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