Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a very happy Mothers Day.

I was thinking about my Mom and Grandmother early this morning.  I don't remember my mother doing a lot of sewing when I was growing up.....and yet I know she could.  I remember when my aunt got married my two sisters were in the wedding.  They couldn't get the dresses in the right size for my sisters.  So mom took an adult version of the dress, deconstructed it, and made a dress for each of my sisters that mirrored what the other attendants were wearing.

I know that Mom really did not have time to sew when I was growing up....she normally had two jobs, helping support her family.   But there is a part of me that also thinks that she was trying to give her children something that she didn't have growing up.

I have just recently started tracing my family history and asked for old photo's.  Mom gave me a copy of a picture of her at age 13.  She had the grand champion bunny from the state fair that year.  Her and several of the other grand champions were having their picture taken by the Des Moines Register for an article.  Mom commented how that dress was her first store bought dress.

My Grandmother could sew or mend just about anything.  I remember as a child wondering how she could run that machine at such a fast pace and have those perfect results.  Think speed demon.....if Grandma was doing it, it was going to be done fast.

So I find it a little odd to now realize that my love of quilting comes to me honestly.  Although my Mom and Grandma didn't quilt, they had the skills to....and luckily those skills got passed down to me along way.

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