Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An apology

I would like to apologize again to any of you who showed up for the community prep day, only to realize I was not there.

I do realize that your time is very important, and since I had not asked who might be coming early on.. I had no way of notifying you all individually when I needed to cancel. I just did not have the time to pull the fabric for the event in one day.

Kathy thank you for giving me a call, and putting a note up on the door for anyone else that may have missed my last post.  I wish I had thought about calling the library and asking them to post a sign this morning.

I guess my mind is still cluttered and focused on honoring my sisters request. 

For those of you who do not know.  I was out of town most of the week.  I received a call from one of my sisters that my 26 year old nephew had passed away.  I hopped on a plane and spent most of the week out in Henderson Nevada, helping in anyway I could.   Before I came home my sister asked that I make a king size blue quilt for her, to remember David by.  David's favorite color was blue.  I plan to make a quilt similar to one of our first quilts.  The blue blocks sashed in white, only bigger.  I'm hoping that I can get it cut and pieced together quickly for her, and that it will bring her comfort.

Of course with me being gone for a week my schedule is all messed up, so I'm going to have to  spend some time with the appointment book and see what I can get accomplished with the rest of the month.

I'll start showing some pictures of some donations starting tomorrow.  Stop back and see what is going on with Iowa Comfort.

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