Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We have pictures

It only took me about 15 minutes to find the camera case yesterday....that's to say once I started looking for it seriously.

I searched downstairs, no it wasn't there.  I searched my office, again not there.  I searched my quilt room (which I am happy to announce is still organized) not to be found.  I even went out to the car to make sure it wasn't there, I usually will find my phone in the car when it is I gave it a try. 

At this point I start trying to remember the last place I had my camera (making the assumption that the camera and case are usually together)....this is no easy feat, getting old is not an easy thing on the memory.  AH yes I was taking pictures of all the quilts before I loaded the car for delivery, off to the living room.  No I don't see the camera case there, but as I turn to leave I see just a sliver of shiny from the corner of my eye.  Black case laying on a dark purple leather chair, YIPPY, no more searching required.  (I celebrate all victories even the small ones).

So here are the quilts all lined up on the couch before I attempt to deliver them.

and a couple of close up shots of the quilts

Here we have the quilts by Dian, Pam and Nancy.

Here are Colleen, Jacque and Teresa's quilts

and the last two were made by Carol and myself.

I will give the center a call later today to see if someone will be there to accept the quilts.  Such a busy week.  I'm hoping to get back to the longarm and start working on April's quilts tomorrow.

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