Friday, April 20, 2012

Comfort Quilt # 25

Earlier this week I set a goal to finish all three customer quilts by Friday.  I finished quilt number 2 yesterday and have quilt # 3 on the longarm now.  Barring some kind of an emergency I should be able to meet that goal. Always a good thing!

Yesterday I showed you what Lonnie gave to Iowa Comfort.  Today I will show you what I received from someone who would prefer to remain anonymous.  This person just showed up on my door step and asked if the following items could be used at the center.  Take a look:

Isn't this soft and pretty!  I have always liked scalloped edges on a quilt....but have always been to chicken to try.   Officially this is Iowa Comfort Quilt #25, and it is ready for donation at the end of the month.  Here is a close up.

The same person when through their closet and found some items that might come in handy at the center.....check this out.

Those two sacks have gently used clothing in them.

This last sack had travel size shampoo, conditioner and soap in the bottom.  This sack also contained a comfy soft pair of pj's.

I have more show and tell to show you tomorrow.  The next couple of reveals are of completed quilts, ready for donation.  I have to admit I was feeling kind of low earlier, thinking I was letting the center down by only getting 3 or 4 quilts done this month.  With the quilt above and the next 3 I will show you, we should come in with 8 again this month.

Stop back again.

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