Monday, April 2, 2012

Doggy's have their beds

Yesterday I delivered the doggy mats and beds to Aheinz57 shelter.  As soon as I came thru the door I was greeted by the cutest little dog!  She wasn't much bigger than my cats, but she was excited to see me.  This could be a dangerous place to visit!  All of their eyes were so pleading to take them home,  such a great shelter taking in an rehabilitating animals that have been neglected or abused.

Later today I will deliver March's quilts to the center.  We have 6 twins, 1 lap and 1 child quilt for the center this month.

I believe we also have another 30+ pillow cases that will be delivered also.  If there are 30 pillow cases, the initial goal of 80 cases will have been met.....but the sponsor of the challenge, Adel Quilting and Dry Goods, says that we are going to continue to keep the challenge going.

Just as FYI, the center gives everyone a new pillow when they come to the center that they keep when they leave the center.....with the donation of the pillowcases not only will they get the pillow but they will also be allowed to keep the pillowcase.  Keep those donations coming!

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