Thursday, April 19, 2012

one quilt down

I finished the first of my three customer quilts yesterday.  I have to admit it felt good to just turn on the I pod and shut out the world.  Felt even better completing this one because I knew it had a time table, and I had to cancel the original in take of this quilt because of my family emergency last week.  Sometimes I do work better under pressure, but not always.

I spent last night binding my Adel Library quilt donation.  I'll have a picture of that later in the week.  I also stopped in at the De Soto Library.  This makes the third year that a group of ladies make a quilt to raffle for the De Soto Library, this year I was only able to contribute the quilting of the project.  The rest of the ladies picked the pattern and did all the piecing on it.  I'll have a picture of it later also.

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago I had such a mess in my sewing room?  Well I thought I would show you my new storage system.

Isn't it pretty!  The plan is to have larger cuts of fabric in the bottom row and smaller cuts in the top.  Each color of fabric has its own just to label them so I don't have to pull them out to find the yellow fabric.  The back side also has baskets in primary colors (I went to every Target in Des Moines and bought every pastel I could find).

So now that I have my pretty storage take a look at this:

Lonnie Keeran went through her fabric and decided that some of it could come and live with me!  Or at least could stay with me until I find use for it in and Iowa Comfort quilt.  These sacks are HEAVY!  I'm thinking I need to do some sorting and get them into the baskets above or in the name of Desi Arnaz " I'll have some xplaining to do!"

Here are a couple of shots of what was in those bags.

Lonnie has also volunteered to provide the backing for the next Iowa Comfort quilt that I hope to quilt next week.  Thank you so much Lonnie!

More donations and information coming this week, keeping coming back for the reveals.

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