Friday, April 6, 2012

Soon to be organized

With the warmer weather we have had the last 10 days.  My dear husband decided to start building my shelves for under my longarm.  Terry only likes warm weather so the cooler weather the last couple of days had him staying inside, but yesterday he put on a sweatshirt and went out and stained the trim for the shelving units.  Once they are good and dry, he will put them on the units and we will be ready to bring them inside.

Do you remember those cute little pastel baskets I found about 10 days ago?  Well this week we hit two Target stores and pretty much took everything they had.  Of course this means when they come in I truly will have to organize the fabric by color.

GOOD NEWS is that it will be just in time for the community prep day.  I'll just grab the baskets and be ready to head for Adel.  I do have a call into the center to find out how many queen size beds they have, that information should make it easier to make the kits.

Here is a look at the shelves in progress;
each of those units will hold 16 of these cute baskets

I should have plenty of storage!  Lets hope it works out in practice as well as it did in my mind.

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