Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Comfort delivered

Back home from delivering our comfort quilts.  Jacque Johnson and I arrived with our arms full, when we stopped by the center today. 

I delivered seven twin size quilts today.  Jacque delivered 50 pillowcases. Additionally I also delivered a bag of PJ's that Marge decided she wasn't going to wear.....I think that bag also had those little bottles of shampoo and conditioner from hotels in them.

Our gifts were well received! 

The staff and I spoke about keeping track of the hours for their grant.  And we decided that it would just be easier to put it all under the umbrella of Iowa Comfort. So that is what we will do unless you really want to have your hours separate....if you do just let me know and when you work on a quilt I'll get you the hour worksheet.

There was an interesting story about pillowcases and the center.....I'll wait to see if Jacque puts it on her blog at Adel Quilting and Dry Goods.  We'll just say that there will always be a need for those also, so if you are so inclined keep them coming!

For security reasons I would not attempt to take photos of us actually at the center....but I did take a couple of photos prior to packing the car.  Take a look.

Patiently waiting to go to the car.

All laid out on the couch.

One last close up of each quilt before they move on to their new home.

I know who ever the quilts end up with will cherish them.  What a great use of scrap fabric!

Until my next post.......

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