Monday, February 13, 2012

Binding decisions.....

Yesterday was a day of decisions.  I finished quilting Quilt #7 and got it off the longarm. 

Then the day was devoted to binding and the choices that needed to be made. For quilt #6 I just could not find the right colored binding.....and then I remembered that Nancy and Joyce, had left over pieces of fabric that was not used in the quilt.  At the community sew  they had suggested that we use that fabric for the binding.  So I played with it, and they were right!  I pieced 18 of those multi colored strips together and attached it to the quilt.  I spent last night working on getting it hand sewn and I've completed about 3/4 ths of it.  I should get it done tonight.

Quilt #7 was another decision. After I took it off the longarm I decided to make the binding right away.....but what fabric should I use.  Quilt #7 is the blue square's sashed with white.  Nancy had donated fabric that I used for backing on this quilt.  My two choices for this quilt were use the same material as the backing or look for another.  Since the quilt had a lot of darker blue fabric, I pulled out a black marbled moda.....and I liked it.  But the little voice in my head kept saying the other fabric is a better match with the backing.  I liked the black up against the top, and the dark blue with little flowers against the backing.  What to do..... I called my husband and asked his opinion.  He said that the blue fabric was the better of the two choices.  I really thought he would pick the black fabric... but I went ahead and made the binding from the blue and I got it attached to the top of the quilt.  I should be able to get it hand sewn by this weekend.

Today is an errand day, but I hope to get a customer baby quilt at least loaded on the longarm later this afternoon.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day!

Until my next post.......

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