Saturday, February 25, 2012

Taxes over quilting....what kind of world is this?

Yesterday was supposed to be dedicated to getting the labels on our finished quilts. 

But the veterinarian messed with my schedule. 

You see my kitties, Mork and Mindy needed their prescription cat food that I get at the vets office.  No problem I would go after lunch, when I was delivering a quilt.  That would give me the morning to get my walk in, gather the quilts, pin the labels down the quilts and start stitching away before I made lunch.

When I called to make sure they had a case of their food, I told them I would be in around 1:00 to pick it up......I was then informed that the office was closed from noon to three on Friday afternoons.

Rearrange my schedule, deliver my customer quilt then pick up cat food, come home walk my miles......drat it is now time to fix lunch dishes....switch laundry from washer to dryer.  Now I'm just not feeling the hand stitching thing, so I spent the afternoon doing my income taxes instead of what I originally had planned for the day.

Why is it that I do better with a schedule, and that I can get so frazzled when I can't follow my schedule? My husband would say it is because I'm anal......I prefer to think of it as focused, either way I drive myself crazy sometimes. 

So today once again I will attempt to get the labels on the finished quilts, so they will be ready for delivery next Wednesday.  Hope I am more successful today than yesterday.

Until my next post.......

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