Monday, February 20, 2012

Quick note

I'm headed to the doctors office in a few minutes.  Yesterday I said that the plan was to have ICQ8 quilted and binding attached so I could take it along with me to bind in the waiting room.......didn't happen.  I do have it quilted but it is still on the longarm this morning, so it won't be going with me.  I'll get it off the longarm and get it trimmed before I head to my quilt circle this evening.

I heard from Kathy over the weekend, and she has quilt #14 done.  Kathy was at our community sew day and took her kit home with her to finish up.  She not only pieced the top, but she also quilted the quilt, and bound it.  Donating both the batting and the backing material.  VERY GENEROUS!  Thank you very much Kathy.  I should be able to pick it up tonight, and I'll have a picture for you all tomorrow if all goes well.

Well I need to get ready to leave so...

Until my next post.......

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