Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dog Pound Quilt #13

I love this!  Dian adopted one of my panels.  It was actually the smallest panel, and at the time I could not think what anyone would do with it.  This is what Dian started with.
Fifteen little puppies that needed a home.  This panel definitely need more imagination than I had to make it a wonderful quilt for a little person at the center.

Here is Dian's creation....

Each little puppy has a home!  I'm not sure that the symbolism was intentional on this quilt.  But it was one of the first things that struck me as I looked at all those dog houses.  Here is a close up of a couple of blocks.
I absolutely love all the bright colors in the quilt.  And I know what ever child receives this quilt at the center is going to love it also.

Thank You Dian on the great job!

Until my next post......

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  1. Clever way to implement the panel blocks into a child's quilt! Creative and colorful! :)