Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Off schedule already

Remember what I said yesterday about self imposed schedules?  Yep I did not complete my to do list yesterday. I ended up spending the morning getting groceries instead.  Which did put me behind schedule.

I did complete picking up my quilt room, and gave Lenni the much deserved deep cleaning.  I have all but the final border on quilt.  I realized that part of the border material that I was going to use on quilt 10 is with one of the gals who still has quilt 11.  So I may have to play scavenger today to see if I can find a large enough piece to swap out that border with other fabric.

Last night I received a call from another local non profit here in Central Iowa.  The lady was a volunteer for Heinz 57.  Heinz 57 is a no kill dog shelter for potentially difficult dogs.  It is my understanding that they will work with these dogs and rehabilitate them so they can find good homes.  Last year they had over 500 adoptions.  This all started because the founder saw a dog being abandoned by her owner along interstate 80, and she feared for the dogs life.  Over the next several weeks she searched for her until she was able to finally catch her and bring her home to her family.

Now as inspirational as that story is (and I did not do it justice) I bet you are wondering what it has to do with our mission.   Here is the tie in.  I have had some material donated that is not able to be put into quilts (non 100% cotton fabric).  But I did not want to disrespect or disregard a generous contribution.  So the material will be used to make beds for  Heinz 57 providing comfort to their residents.  Actually this material will be perfect for this cause, because it will be warm and will hold up to daily washings.  Find out more information on Heinz 57 here http://www.aheinz57.com/.

Well time to get back to my schedule.  I will get quilt 9 together today, and start quilting on quilt #5.

Until my next post.....

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