Saturday, February 4, 2012

Iowa Comfort Quilt # 7

Missed a post yesterday.....SO SORRY!  I was working on a small baby quilt that was pushing my buttons!  I should no better than to take a quilt on, that is beyond my comfort zone.  We will chalk this one up to a learning experience and move on.  At least I can live with the end result.  Only had to rip the quilting out twice.....thank goodness it was a small quilt.

On to our quilt!  And happier circumstances!


This quilt is named " Unwaving Faith" by the piecer.
And here is Penny working on the quilt last Saturday.

Oh so close to having it completed before the day was over.  Only needed one more row to be done.  Penny took it home, finished it up and brought it back to me early this week.

I'm amazed how well all the blues ended up blending in the end.

This is Penny's second quilt that she has pieced for Iowa Comfort.  THANK YOU SO MUCH PENNY for your support and contributions.

Until my next post.....

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