Saturday, February 18, 2012

Top donations

I have been asked by three of four people now about donating tops to Iowa Comfort, and if there is a size requirement.

The short answer is no there is not.  The center has little people that can use lap quilts as blankies, they have 20 twin size beds, 4 double beds and 4 queen size beds.  I on the other hand do have a maximum on how wide a quilt can be.  My longarm table is only 11 ft.  so I can accommodate a quilt that is up to lets say 95 inches wide.  That would be a pretty generous queen.

I have heard from 3 or 4 people who have looked in their closets, and found that top that has been stuffed to the back of the closet many years ago.  A couple of the ladies said that they made the top and then didn't care for them and knew they would never pay to finish them, and wanted to know if they could just donate the entire top.  The answer is YES, but understand that once donated I will quilt it and get it bound and deliver it to the center.  I will take a picture of the top for the blog, and you will get credit on the label for piecing it, but it won't come back to you.

So for any of you that run across that UFO while spring cleaning.  If you want to find a home for it, just drop me a line and we will figure out how to get it to me.

Today I am taking a genealogy class with my Mom, and picking out fabric for my new grandson's baby quilt with my daughter in law.....need to get working on it. June is just around the corner and I have a long established tradition of the baby quilt being at the hospital when the new baby makes their entrance into the world.

I'll be back to quilting ICQ # 8 tomorrow, and it should be off the longarm by tomorrow afternoon.

Until my next post.....

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