Monday, February 6, 2012

So where are the comments?

It really is okay to correct me.  It wasn't until I was reviewing my stats that I realized my error.

Take a look at the last two posts titles.  There are TWO Iowa Comfort quilts # 7??????  Obviously not, they should have read  quilt 7 and quilt 8.  Such a silly girl I am!

I finished my customer quilt late last night, so I came up with a to do list for this week.  Nice thing about a self imposed list is that it can always be changed.....but we'll see how well I do.  Today I am putting the final borders on quilt 9 and 10.  Giving the quilt room a light cleaning.  Giving Lenni and Squiggy ( thats my longarm and frame) a much needed deep cleaning. And last but not least I hope to load Quilt 5 on the longarm, so I can get it quilted tomorrow.  The goal is to get 5 & 6 quilted this week.

I'll try to get pictures of Quilt 9 and 10 up on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I'll be working on final borders for quilt 11 at open sew on Friday in those pictures will probably come on Saturday.

I have picked up a few new followers, just want to say welcome and hope you enjoy following our journey.

Until my next post.......

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