Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quilt #12

I have wonderful and generous friends!  My friend Nancy, from quilt circle and my on line quilt group, has already been very generous to this cause.  She came to the community sew day and she and Joyce pieced a quilt top for us that day.  She went home and found fabric in her stash that she donated to be the backing for our blue and white quilt.

Then yesterday while at open sew Jacque came in with a bag marked for me.  I opened it up and this is what was inside.

Nancy donated the top!  This was not one of my kits, the fabric and time spent piecing it together was  all hers.  She also made the binding for the top and has it ready for when I get the quilt actually quilted.

All I can say is Thank you!  And that really isn't enough!

Until my next post.......

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  1. That Nancy is a pretty special lady! What a generous gal and what a beautiful quilt! :)