Sunday, February 19, 2012

The plan

This afternoon I plan to finish quilting ICQ#8, and make and apply the binding to it.  I should be able to meet this goal because I quilted half of it yesterday before I went to my class.  I have a doctor appointment tomorrow morning; I may take the quilt along and stitch binding while in the waiting room.  Time's all about time management. LOL

I have only one more side of binding to stitch down on  ICQ#7.  So that quilt should be done by today also.

The plan for the week is to get ICQ#9 on the longarm and quilted by Friday. It helps that my quilting business is slow right now; I can keep plugging away at our comfort quilts.

I have a email into the center, and am just waiting for an appointment confirmation at this point.  So I can drop off the quilts that we have completed.  I won't make the original goal of having them all there by the end of this month, but I should be able to get the remaining one's finished by the end of March.

Well time to get to my day, hope everyone out there is having a great day!

Until my next post......

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