Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pic's from the day

Thought I would show you some of the photo's from the day.  There are lots of them so it will take several posts.

We had a great day, and there were 12 of us working on quilts today.  We completed 2 quilts, have three that just need the outer borders on them and have 2 more that are just about complete.  Their quilters took them home to finish them up.

First I missed Virginia today when she brought 2 bags of fabric for donation.  I was across the street at the time looking for some border fabric for one of the quilts.  My daughter in law was with me, and she also found fabric that she fell in love with for the baby. (but that's another story)

Thank you so much Virginia!  This fabric will make wonderful comfort quilts!

As I went to pack up we found a bag of fabric that was left for us, from Peg .  Thank you very much Peg.  I see a bright and cheerful quilt in someones future.

More posts over the next several days.

Until my next post.......


  1. I've got some funky Gothic Gold quilting thread that might go with the top 2 fabs on Virgina's 2nd bag.. the one with butterfly's/rust/gold yellow/green & the blue/purple? fabric. Are there a few more fabrics that might go with it?

    I got the Patrick Lose bright jelly roll center done. I am figuring on how to make it twin size using creative license currently. Then I'll quilt it. I'll dig around for a backing tho I'm pretty sure I don't have any to go w/ it so if you come across some in one of your bags let me know. It will be at least a couple weeks till I can get to it. Kathy B

    1. Kathy thanks for working on the jelly roll. I have the two others that I need to add the borders on also, I hope to get to them by mid week.I'm hoping to use some of that black fabric that went home with you in the black and white jelly roll. I have backing materiaL that was donated by AQDG to use on all of them. They don't necessarily match, but these are quilts of comfort and warmth so I'm using what I have.

      I did not expect you to quilt it, if you could just get the top and any left over fabric back to the quilt shop I'll get it picked up this week and start quilting them all this weekend.

      You can name this quilt if you like, it will go on the label with the rest of the documentation.

      Again thank you so much for your generosity!