Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quilt #4

I spent yesterday working on Iowa Comfort Quilt #4.  I originally thought this quilt would be called "Barcode".  Its made from little scraps and has MANY different fabrics in it....truly a scrappy quilt.

Now its name could be "Messed it up Again"  or "Never try another original (debbie) design" or just plain "PITA"!

Now I feel kinda bad about bad mouthing this quilt, after all it isn't the quilts fault.  Its also not the quilts fault that I could not live with the original design.....that I felt it needed to be calmed down.  So I decided to sash the if I just would have sashed the right side and the bottom of the blocks instead of sashing the left side and the top of the blocks.  ALL 72 Blocks.   So here I am yesterday trying to think backward about how to make these blocks work without ripping out all the sashing.  I now have 3 of the 9 rows put together on this quilt.....and I am stressing trying to keep it somewhat balanced in its scrappyness.  Oh the things we put ourselves through!  I'm going to work on the quilt again this afternoon.  Bonnie Hunter I am not!

Maybe the name of this quilt will be " It is what it is".

Until my next post.......

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