Thursday, January 5, 2012

Iowa Comfort Quilt #3

The quilt is off the longarm and trimmed.  This morning Penny picked it back up and is going to get the binding sewn down.  YEAH! Another one will be complete with help of all my good friends.

I find it is very interesting how our paths connect.  Dian is a lady who lives less than two miles from me.  I first was introduced to her when we both worked on a quilt as a fundraiser for the De Soto Library two years ago, we are both in a sewing group together, and as life would have it be both bought new longarms about the same time, so we were in the APQS class together. 

I frequent the APQS forum daily ( GREAT TIPS out there for any of you that are looking for a resource!) and when I post I have a link to this blog under my name.  Dian saw one of my posts and checked out my blog, she volunteered to make the label for this quilt.  In addition she happened to call this morning while Penny was here to say that she had a label made that she would like me to take a look at.  Dian made a truly special label (wish I had taken a photo before it left) Penny took it with her and when the quilt comes back it will truly be ready for delivery!  LOVE it when it all works out.

Penny is also sharing info about this group with other quilting circles....and news of the group is spreading!  I think that 2012 is going to be a great year and we are going to accomplish wonderful things as a group.

Until my next post.........

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