Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ordering Food

With the community sew day just one week away, my mind has turned to food for the day.

I plan to have a lunch meat and cheese platter available to make sandwiches for when we need to stop and refuel. ( and give our machines a break) I will also have chips and cookies available.  I'll get some coffee......but someone else will need to make the pot because when I do looks like mud and tastes worse than mud.

It would be helpful if I had an idea of how many plan for.  I need to place my order by Wednesday, so if you are planning on coming could you please send me a message.  You can leave a comment here, or on Iowa comforts facebook page, or you can send me an email at

Jan, Nancy, Mandy and Dian I've got you down so no need to send a message.

Until my next post.........


  1. Hi Deb. This is Pam Raymond and I'm planning on coming to the Community Sew next Saturday. See you there!!

  2. Thanks Pam got you down! We should have a good time!