Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

So how are you all today?  I hope that this post finds you all in good health and cheer.

Did you do the party thing last night or do you have some other tradition in your family?  Last night hubby and I revived a tradition from when the boys were young.  We rented a movie, and ate snacks.  I'm going age myself here.....but I gotta say that I like not having to actually leave the house to rent a movie.  When the boys were small I had to drive to Des Moines, find the movies (hope they had the ones I wanted) and then drive back to Des Moines to return them the day after.  Much nicer to just have to click a button and have the movie on the TV.  Hubby and I were sound a sleep when the new year came in, the only noise maker going off in my house was the sound of my snoring. LOL

Do you do the resolution thing?  I have two this year.  First one is to try to only do the things that will bring me joy.  Luckily for me quilting is at the top of that list. 

The second resolution is really for my hubby, I'm going to try to keep my fabric contained to storage areas.  You see I started out with what use to be the master bedroom, then I branched out to the bedroom next door as kind of an office, then I took over the closet and built in cabinets in the bedroom that we use the treadmill in.  I have a rolling case that houses my second domestic sewing machine in the living room and I have a table set up downstairs (that's were we really live) that has a large cutting board on it so I can cut fabric at night while listening to TV.  So today I will at least go around and pick up after myself, who knows how long it will last.  Of course that is the beauty of New Years resolutions isn't it.   I tell him all the time that he really is lucky because I don't really have what most quilters would call a stash.  I have scraps.  And I have bookmarked a couple of sites to prove it to him.

We are going to have lots of things going on this month, so there will be several post each week. (maybe that should be my third resolution)  So make sure check in.

I hope that the New Year brings you and your family health and happiness.

Until my next post.......


  1. I don't mind making labels and if you would like some help with this, let me know.
    Dian W. (De Soto)

  2. Awesome goal to keep your fabric 'contained'!!!! Maybe I should follow your lead! lol