Saturday, August 3, 2013

Becky's donation Part II

I went through the rest of Becky's donation earlier this week. 

There were lots of additional panels, and two more large pieces that can be used as backing material for other quilts.

There are several quilts in the remaining boxes. I haven't measured them yet, but they all appear to be at least queen size quilts.  I had my hubby help me, and as you can tell the quilts exceeded his arm span.

Lets take a look at the quilt tops.

This quilt was a panel that Becky cut the blocks out of and sashed back together.  The focus block is a cute picture of a couple of cats in a farm setting.  As you can see Hawkeye really wanted to be friends with the kitties.

Here is an adorable quilt with overalls on the line.  I love that each pair of overalls has a little quilt block on the bib.

This quilt is a hand appliqued quilt that Becky called the Dahlia quilt.  Each flower is unique and a different color.  The purple sashing was the perfect touch for it, but might prove to be a challenge for me.... it may end up being bound in white.

Becky's talents were far ranging!  As you can see she was able to create this beautiful lone star quilt.  I have done one of these, but I cheated and used a quilt smart panel.  Becky did this one the old fashion way....and did a wonderful job of it.

And last but not least we have a darling Sue Bonnet Sue.  Each one appliqued on a white block by hand.  Sashed in blue, and do you see the border with prairie points?  I will have to put my thinking cap on when it comes time to quilt this quilt top.  I am pretty much and edge to edge quilter, and I will admit that I tend to pick fairly fast and simple designs on the Iowa Comfort quilts.  I will probably have to rethink that plan with this one.

I probably will not get to the quilting these quilts until after the first of the year.  I have several in line before them. I am pretty sure these quilts will reside with the center and be placed on one of their many beds.  I think it will be a wonderful tribute to Becky that her hard work and love of quilting will bring warmth and comfort to someone in need of a little TLC.

I would like to thank Becky's husband and the Faith Lutheran Woman's  Auxiliary for the wonderful donation!  I have no doubt that these quilts will bring a smile to many over the next several years.

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