Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Going to the dogs!

Diane M. did a little more culling from her closet last week.  And although I was not able to take everything from her (there really is no more room at the inn for fabric scraps) I was able to take some of the items she had put together for us.

Here is what she brought me.

Now I am not really sure what happened to my other photo's....I know I took them..... but Diane brought me 4 bags like this.  One was full of odd sizes of batting that can be used in smaller quilts or doggy mats.  Two of these bags were full of cushion filler or pillows that had been replaced.  And one bag was full of fleece.  

The goal was that I could take this donation and get them turned around very quickly.  Thus not staying in my house very long at all.  I am proud to say that I only have a half of one of those bags left, and that is fleece that needs to be cut down to become the stuffing of a future dog bed.

Here is what I delivered to AHeintz57 shelter last Saturday.

There are 18 dog beds there, some are small, some are large, all very much appreciated at the Rescue.

Thank you Diane for the donation! You helped out a great dog rescue, and you might have provided a pup with its first touch of kindness.

I have errands today, and hope to get Diane L's last donation top quilted this week, along with another larger quilt.   That's the plan, we will see how it works out.

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. So happy that you made the doggie beds w/the leftover scraps!!! There will be some very contented furbabies tonight! :)